Top 11 Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss and Heart Health

Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss And Heart Health

If you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, and improve your overall heart health, cardio workouts are a must. These top 11 cardio workouts are all you need to start with.

Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to elevate your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and burn calories. They can also strengthen your heart and lungs.

There are plenty of fun and diverse cardio workouts, from jogging and cycling to swimming and jumping rope. And all are perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness level.

So grab your water bottle and get ready to sweat!

Top 11 Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Here are the top 11 cardio workouts to help you achieve your weight loss and heart health goals:

1. Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is a high-intensity cardio workout that can help you burn calories and strengthen your legs. It’s also a great way to tone your leg muscles.

Aside from traditional stair climbing, you can add variations to keep things interesting and challenge your body in new ways.

For example, take two steps at a time and alternate between climbing and jogging up the stairs. You can even add weights to your workout.

2. Running


Running is an effective and popular exercise for those looking to shed unwanted weight. Several variations include jogging, sprinting, interval training, and long-distance running.

All these variations have their benefits when it comes to fat burning.

Jogging is a low-intensity exercise that helps burn fat gradually.

Sprinting is a high-intensity exercise that burns fat rapidly.

Interval training alternates between high-intensity running and low-intensity jogging or walking recovery periods.

Long-distance running is ideal for those looking to burn fat and calories over an extended period.

Another variation is hill running. It involves running up steep inclines to challenge your muscles and increase your heart rate.

Regardless of the type of running, maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated to maximize the fat-burning benefits.

3. Cycling

Road Cycling

Cycling is a low-impact cardio workout ideal for people with joint pain. It is one of the best cardio workouts to help you lose weight effectively.

To ensure that you don’t get bored, incorporate some variations. You can try indoor cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, and spinning.

Indoor cycling stimulates outdoor cycling experiences, or take your bike out on scenic routes to enjoy fresh air and scenery.

Road cycling or mountain biking allows you to explore the outdoors while getting a full-body workout.

Whatever method you choose, cycling is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health in a fun way.

4. Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

It is one of the most effective cardio workouts that burn many calories and improve coordination. This exercise also improves cardiovascular health, endurance, and agility.

You can do double unders, where the rope passes under your feet twice in one jump, or high knee jumps, where you lift your knees to your chest while jumping.

You can also try side-to-side jumps, criss-cross jumps, and single-leg jumps.

5. Swimming

Man Swimming

Swimming is a low-impact cardio workout perfect for people who want to get fit and healthy.

It’s easy on the joints, making it a great option for those with injuries or arthritis.

With a 30-minute session, swimming can burn around 200–300 calories. It also improves heart health while improving circulation.

Some variations you can include while doing this workout are water aerobics and HIIT workouts in the pool, where short bursts of intense swimming are alternated with periods of rest or low-intensity swimming.

You can also include using resistance bands or weights while swimming to increase the intensity of the workout.

6. Kickboxing


A high-intensity workout that has gained popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness in weight loss and improving overall fitness.

This exercise involves a combination of martial arts and boxing techniques, such as punching, kicking, and jumping.

The rapid movements involved in kickboxing can help improve heart health. An hour-long session can burn 750 calories.

Low-impact kickboxing may be a suitable option for beginners, which involves less jumping and kicking.

But for those looking for a fun and high-energy workout, aerobic kickboxing is a better choice. It involves simple choreographed movements to music.

7. Rowing


Rowing is a highly effective exercise that can help burn excess fat. This low-impact workout engages numerous muscle groups throughout the body. It can also help boost metabolism.

It can be performed in various ways, including indoor rowing machines, outdoor rowing, and even water-based rowing sports like kayaking or canoeing.

With its versatility and fat-burning benefits, rowing is a great option for anyone looking to lose weight and improve their physical health.

8. Dancing


Dancing is fun because it increases your heart rate and improves coordination and flexibility. It’s also an excellent way to improve cardiovascular well-being and aid in fat burning.

Dancing is a form of exercise that promotes overall health and well-being by providing a full-body workout that helps tone muscles. It can be done in a variety of styles.

You can choose from high-energy Zumba classes or more low-impact options like ballroom dancing or ballet. It puts less stress on the joint and is suitable for people with joint problems.

A few styles to choose from are:

  • Belly dancing
  • Hip Hop
  • Salsa dancing
  • Jazzercise
  • Pole Dancing

Regardless of the style, dancing improves heart health. As a cardio workout, it helps raise the heart rate and promote blood flow throughout the body.

This can help reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic health conditions.

9. Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine

An elliptical is a low-impact cardio machine workout perfect for people of all fitness levels, including those with joint pain.

The machine mimics the motion of running but without impact. An elliptical machine can burn fat, build endurance, and strengthen your heart muscles, improving overall health.

10. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training

As its name implies, HIIT is a high-intensity cardio workout alternating between short bursts of intense exercise and rest periods or low-intensity activity.

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an effective way to lose weight and improve cardiovascular endurance.

The intensity and duration of the intervals can be adjusted according to the fitness enthusiast’s goals and abilities.

Here are some HIIT workouts:

  • Burpees
  • Squat Jumps
  • High Knees
  • Plank to Hip Dips
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Side Jackknife
  • Deadlifts

11. Plyometrics


It is a high-intensity workout that’s effective in burning fat and improving health. Plyometric exercises involve explosive movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, such as:

  • Hopping
  • Bounding
  • Broad Jump
  • Reverse Lunge with Knee Drive
  • Plyo Push-Up
  • Jump Lunges
  • Jump Squats
  • Jump Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers

These exercises improve strength, power, agility, and endurance. Plyometrics also improves heart health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Incorporate these exercises into your fitness routine and watch as you become stronger, healthier, and happier.

How many repetitions per cardio workout is ideal in every session?

Regarding cardio workouts, the number of repetitions per session depends on various factors, such as fitness level, workout intensity, and goals.

For weight loss, more repetitions are recommended as it helps burn more calories and fat. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio exercise 5 or 6 days a week.

However, it’s important not to overdo it and risk injury or burnout.

As a general guideline, beginners can start with 10–15 repetitions per exercise and gradually increase as they build endurance and strength.

Intermediate and advanced levels can aim for 20–30 repetitions per exercise.

Make sure to vary the type of cardio workout to prevent boredom and challenge the body in different ways.

Overall, finding the ideal number of repetitions per session requires experimentation and listening to one’s body.

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are an excellent way to improve overall health. However, many people make common mistakes that can hinder their progress and even lead to injury.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes.

  1. Starting too fast and not warming up properly. Warming up is crucial, as it prepares your body for the workout and reduces the risk of injury.
  2. Not varying your workouts. Doing the same daily cardio routine can lead to boredom and a plateau in your fitness progress. Mixing up your workouts by trying different activities or adding intervals to your routine is essential.
  3. Not paying attention to your form. Poor form can lead to injury and limit the effectiveness of the workout. Ensure you maintain good posture and alignment while doing cardio exercises.
  4. Not cooling down after their workout. Cooling down helps your body return to its normal state and prevents muscle soreness.
  5. Focusing solely on cardio workouts and neglecting strength training. Strength training is as important as cardio workouts, as it helps build muscle and boost metabolism. Finding a balance between the two is essential to achieving optimal fitness results.

Avoiding these common mistakes while doing cardio workouts can help you maximize your results, reduce the risk of injury, and achieve overall health success.


There are numerous benefits to cardio workouts, which cannot be overstated.

Regular cardio exercises have been shown to increase endurance, improve heart health, and promote weight loss.

It can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Cardio workouts can improve mental health by reducing stress levels and improving mood. Furthermore, consistent cardio exercises can improve sleep quality and increase energy levels throughout the day.

In addition, incorporating heart-healthy smoothies into your diet can further enhance the benefits of cardio exercises by providing essential nutrients that support cardiovascular wellness.

Making it a regular exercise regimen leads to a healthier life. So lace those sneakers up and get moving!

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