Australian Pull-Ups – All Things You Should Know

Australian Pull Ups

Pulling workouts are essential whether you are a weightlifter or a gymnastic athlete. Although these exercises, particularly chin-ups and regular pull-ups, have many benefits, they can be challenging.

A practical solution in this situation is the Australian pull-up. But what is it? Other names include bodyweight row, inverted row, and horizontal pull-ups.

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Are Leg Extensions Bad For Your Knees?

are leg extensions bad for knees

Leg extension is a form of physical activity designed to strengthen the upper legs (thighs). It is a type of strength training exercise that immensely received negative feedback.

Leg extensions are performed with the help of an extension machine, but it is not the best quad workout, why?

Several fitness professionals quote that leg extension is bad for your knees as your knees become more prone to knee injury that will leave you nonfunctional for months.

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How Many Push-Ups A Day To Lose Weight?

How Many Push-Ups A Day To Lose Weight

Obesity is on the increase all over the world. Exercise is a necessary way to burn calories and keep fit.

Push-ups are a necessary component of efficient exercise routines. It is a resistance workout that doesn’t require special equipment and can help you develop muscular strength.

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What Muscles Do Hammer Grip Pull Ups Work?

Hammer Grip Pull Ups

Are you tired of the same old pull-ups with a standard overhand grip? Spice up your workout routine by trying hammer grip pull-ups.

This exercise puts a fresh spin on the traditional pull-up, working your back and shoulders in a new way.

Not only do they work different muscles, but they also allow for a deeper range of motion, leading to increased strength and muscle definition.

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Do Hand Grippers Increase Forearm Size?

Do Hand Grippers Increase Forearm Size

Physical fitness is an extensive exercise that involves different parts of the body.

Depending on your goal for workouts, there are basic training necessary to pave way for more intense body training sessions.

For instance, hand grippers are suitable to train your hands for proper gripping ability. However, the question has always been whether hand grippers increase forearm size.

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Do Squats Make You Shorter?

Do Squats Make You Shorter

Squats are the king of exercise because of their effectiveness in weight loss and muscle buildup. Plus, they don’t call for any complicated postures.

However, some myths about squats discourage people from trying them. Height restriction is among the most common opinions about squat’s side effects.

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Do Squats Work Calves?

Do Squats Work Calves

Do squats work calves? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. There are different types of squats, and you may determine whether or not your squats work your calves.

The squat often called the “King of Exercises,” works multiple muscles in the lower body. The primary muscles targeted are the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, but the calves also get a phenomenal workout for strength training.

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