Beginners Strength Training Guide

strength training for beginners

The beauty of strength training lies in its multifaceted nature. In other words, strength training is your entry into the world of unhindered bodybuilding.

It is the means in the sense that it is your avenue towards be able to achieve a sustainable workout in any area of bodybuilding, be it cardio, balance training, flexibility training, HIIT, you name it.

Not to mention it is one of the best styles of training if you are seeking to achieve that dream… You know that dream of building that ripped and shredded body that you always see in the workout magazines… yeah that one.

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How To Do Dips At Home

how to do dips at home

The ultimate guide to guerilla-style bodybuilding is right at your disposal – here, we are going to talk about how to do dips at home if you’re lacking the proper equipment and or/space.

Before we delve into the meaty stuff, let’s figure out why dips are great and how exactly they can contribute to your great body shape.

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Which Is The Best Way To Do 200 Pushups A Day?

Which Is The Best Way To Do 200 Pushups A Day

In the workout world, push-ups are dubbed the king of exercise. These total-body moves contribute greatly to building the upper-body strength and supporting sturdy bones.

You can practice the exercise everywhere without any specific supporting equipment. Just the weight of your body is enough!

Doing 200 pushups a day will keep your body fit and strong, but it sounds like quite difficult task, doesn’t it?

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How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh?

How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh

There is always no shortcut to getting that dream body you have always desired to have. You have to work hard for it.

It will take weeks and weeks of rigorous training, weight lifting, squats, pushups, proper dieting and just about any exercise that will mass up those muscles in your body.

For your weight training needs, a trap bar is the tool for the job. You might have spotted one in your gym, or you may have heard someone talk about one somewhere before.

Exercises performed using it impregnate your body with great mental and physical strength, resulting in an impressive body that attracts lots of stares and acknowledging nods.

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What Muscle Groups To Workout Together?

Muscle Groups

What does a strong body mean to you? Bodybuilding means strengthening the smaller layers of muscle around and beneath the larger muscles in the body. The goal is to have as strong a body as possible.

Bodybuilding is the development of the body using diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Bodybuilders combine cardio workouts with targeting specific muscle groups. This burns fat as well as building muscle for an optimally defined body.

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Hammer Curls Vs Bicep Curls – Which Kind Of Curls Are Better?

Hammer Curls vs Bicep Curls

Back when I was a gym and exercise novice, one of my goals was to get toned, bulging biceps. So I started cranking out set after set of curls, lifting dumbbells and barbells without much planning.

It’s only after a lot of research that I came to realize my haphazard approach wouldn’t work to build up my goal arms.

Like most people who don’t take time to learn these things, I failed to realize that not all bicep exercises were created equal. Exercise selection is important as different workouts subject your biceps to varying levels of intensity, thus affecting their effectiveness.

Enter the great curls debate. Between bicep curls and hammer curls, many people on bodybuilding forums have argued about which exercise has a better payoff.

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Walking For Weight Loss 101

Walking For Weight Loss

An inactive lifestyle is the root cause of many health problems like heart disease and obesity.

One of the best ways to stay active and the easiest exercise you can do for weight loss is walking regularly.

In addition to weight loss, walking also offers many other benefits for your health. Walking is not only easy; it is also a most cost-effective exercise.

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Best Health and Fitness Advertisements Examples to Inspire You

Fitness To Inspire You

Fitness was associated with going to the gym. The pandemic has changed the way people look at fitness.

If you want to promote your fitness business, you need to try a different approach to engage your target audience.

You need to motivate your existing clients and prospects so that they get back to the gym once the pandemic is over.

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10 Best Leg Curl Alternative Exercises

leg curl alternative

You have a lot of reasons for exercising your body. First, a good body exercise makes you strong and healthy. Second, you need exercise to keep fit and have the right posture. While working out, you could develop many muscles in your body.

It depends on the body part you are working on. For the lower body part, a leg curl workout is great. This workout develops the muscles on your hamstrings. And for the best results, you will need a leg curl machine.

But not everyone has access to this machine. Or even worse, not everyone likes the leg curl workout.

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Reverse Hack Squat – Benefits, How To Do, Muscles Work and Alternatives

Reverse Hack Squat

It’s easier to spot an athlete with a huge upper body but scrawny chicken legs.

Such athletes build their upper body parts all day but neglect their legs. Given a chance, they would rather skip the leg day at the gym.

When working on your leg muscles, you might have to deal with a weight that’s twice or thrice your bodyweight.

This makes leg workout not only a major calorie burner but a tough exercise as well.

But you need to work on your legs for you to have an aesthetic body. And you don’t need to do squats and leg raises to develop your legs to the level you want.

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