Do Push-Ups Work Lats?

do push ups work lats

Push-ups are a great upper-body exercise targeting the chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles.

It also targets your core and lower back muscles, making them stable and robust.

This compound exercise primarily targets upper body muscles but indirectly involves your back muscles- latissimus dorsi, commonly called Lats.

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Top 8 Ways for Seniors to Keep Fit

Ways for Seniors to Keep Fit

Getting older does not give you an excuse to give up exercising altogether and become a couch potato.

It is essential to keep fit as you age because it can reduce the risk of certain illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and strokes.

Working out is a brilliant way to keep in touch with your friends and make new ones, and it can help to overcome mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, which can become more common as you get older.

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How To Deal With Problems With The Lower Leg

Look and Feel Your Best_ How to Make Confident Changes to Your Look

Lower leg problems can significantly impede everyday life, limiting mobility and causing discomfort.

The lower leg, consisting of the calf and shin regions, plays a crucial role in our body’s overall functionality as it bears weight and aids movement.

Issues such as muscle strains, shin splints, or deep vein thrombosis can arise for various reasons, including overuse, inadequate warm-up before exercise, or underlying health conditions.

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Can Creatine Make You Angry?

can creatine make you angry

Are you a fitness fanatic looking to strengthen your muscles? Are you considering supplementing creatine but are scared of its side effects?

If you’ve heard the rumours of creatine and its effects on your mood swings and have wondered, “Can creatine make you angry?” let me help you clear all your misconceptions.

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Can You Snort Creatine?

can you snort creatine

Are you considering snorting creatine to enhance your athletic performance?

Snorting creatine is a controversial topic circulating on social media and fitness forums.

Some people claim that snorting creatine can increase its effectiveness, while others warn against the potential risks and dangers associated with this method of consumption.

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