Fitness Apie is site with a simple goal – we are a group of passionate fitness fans that felt like sharing our knowledge and experience with people. And what better way to do so these days than by launching a site and putting all the valuable information about fitness on site.

Fitness is not just a routine you indulge yourself for an hour three times a week, it’s a way of life and a way of functioning. Therefore, you can expect more from us than just simple product reviews.


Sure, we will cover those as well, but we also strive in delivering the best fitness tips, guides on how to properly exercise, how to approach gym and healthy living, what makes fitness important, as well as what is the most suitable way of exercise for you.

Which brings us to this point – despite sharing our own personal experience, we are aware of the fact that we come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you’ll be glad to hear that our team is diverse, and that we also consulted with a string of experts in this field to provide you with well-rounded info that can be applied to anyone, regardless of your level of physical fitness, size, and age.

In case you are wondering on just how important it is to exercise, all we have to do is to point out that new research constantly point out how the obesity rate, healthy, and similar alarming occurrences related to lack of physical activity are on a constant rise.

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We are starting to spend our lives sitting down behind a screen, and while that has brought a revolution in how we communicate, fact remains that we simply need to pick it up a notch and start exercising.

And just like computers have made it easier to conduct a variety of activities online, the gyms are making it easier to train specific body parts and muscles with maximum efficiency.

But that’s just a part of the whole story. There’s also proper nutrition, kicking certain bad habits to the curb, and much, much more. We hope you will stick around as we do our best to help you choose the best method and the best product suitable for your specific needs. Feel free to browse around, check out all the sections we offer, and start leading a healthy life.