The Main Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction

Main Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction

We all will inevitably grow old, and no mortal being can stop it. But growing old doesn’t mean getting white hair or having loose skin, and it is even more than that.

While you grow old, many things tend to change in your body; your vitality gets lessened & so does your potential. To be exact, the ability to do any physical work, especially sexual stamina goes down.

Moreover, there could be many causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). According to a recent study, it is revealed that around 75% of males have Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Here are some common reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction & you can use a clear chemist voucher code when you are buying medicines for ED.

Heart ailments

Many of us might not know this, but it is one of the few common reasons why people get Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is heart diseases.

So if you have any heart ailments, then you are likely to get Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as you grow old. So if you do not want to get any heart disease, then maintain your diet correctly & do a proper workout.


Diabetes is often known as the mother of all other ailments. Because if someone is diagnosed with diabetes, then there will be other ailments that follow in slowly.

That’s why diabetes is known to be a slow killer. So if you have diabetes a long time now, then there are high chances that you would get Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in your late 40s.


This is the common reason for every other problem that happens nowadays. Sometimes it is genetic, whereas most of the time, it merely happens out of the faulty lifestyle we live.

If you don’t want to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at your old age, start following a proper diet and workout from now on because obesity is one of the main reasons behind having Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Old age

It is one of the most common reasons for having Erectile Dysfunction (ED). As we grow old, our ability to do any work decreases. So is the ability to do sex!

With old age, our stamina goes down. There’s nothing much one can do about it except for the fact that they can have vigor-enhancing medicines to perform well.


Not only physical but mental health too affects your sexual performance. With a lot of work and other tensions on the mind, one gets stressed too soon.

And nowadays 3 out of 5 people lead a stressful life. But recent studies show that leading a stressful life increases your chance of having Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

So start reducing stress if you don’t want to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in your old age.

Consumption of Harmful Things

Few people do not consume any of the dangerous things like alcohol, cigarettes, weed, or other drugs.

Most people don’t think of the long term consequences that might arise due to their addiction. Still, these things affect your body altogether in a different way.

Recently a group of doctors came up with a study that proved that 70% of people who consume alcohol, cigarettes, or any drugs are more likely to get affected by Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at their old age.

Habits like this decrease your stamina to perform sexually. If you don’t want to have ED, then stop taking this kind of thing and start leading a healthy life.

So here were some common problems that few of us might not know to be the reasons behind ED.

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