What Muscles Are Used In Arm Wrestling?

What Muscles Are Used In Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is a sport that tests the strength of your upper body and arms. It is a test of endurance and strength, as matches can last several minutes.

The goal is to force your opponent’s arm down to the table or mat, using only your arm strength.

Different techniques can be used in arm wrestling; learning them to succeed in the sport is important.

There are also different weight classes for arm wrestlers, so you must find out which class you fit into.

If you want to try arm wrestling, there are many ways to get involved. There are local competitions held all over the country, and there are also national and international tournaments.

You can also join an arm wrestling club or team to help improve your skills.

In this article, we will consider what muscle does arm wrestling uses and tips when get into arm wrestling.

What Muscles Are Used In Arm Wrestling?

There are four primary muscles are used in arm wrestling: the biceps, triceps, forearms, and shoulders.

The biceps flex the elbow, while the triceps extend the elbow. The forearms are responsible for gripping the opponent’s hand, and the shoulders provide power and stability.

what muscle does arm wrestling use

Biceps Brachii

The biceps brachii is one of the muscles used in arm wrestling. This muscle is located in the upper arm and helps to flex the elbow joint.

It is also involved in the supination of the forearm, which is when the palm of the hand faces upwards.

Try doing biceps curls or other exercises that involve flexing at the elbow joint to work this muscle.


The triceps are the muscles on the back of your upper arm. They’re responsible for extending your elbow, which is the motion you use to straighten your arm.

The two main heads of the triceps are the long head and the lateral head. The long head originates from above the socket of your shoulder blade, while the lateral head comes off the back of your upper arm bone.

Pronator Teres

Pronator teres is a muscle located in the forearm. It functions to pronate the forearm, which means to turn the palm of the hand from a supinated position (palm up) to a pronated position (palm down).

The pronator teres is a muscle that allows us to grip and hold onto objects. When arm wrestling, both the biceps and pronator teres work together to generate the force needed to overpower your opponent.

Pectoralis Major

The Pectoralis major is one of the three muscles used in arm wrestling. This muscle is located in the chest and is responsible for moving the arm across the body.

The pectoralis major is a large muscle that extends from the sternum to the clavicle and attaches to the humerus. This muscle is used to flex, adduct, and medially rotate the arm.

Flexor Carpi Ulnaris

The flexor carpi ulnaris is a muscle in the forearm that flexes the wrist and stabilizes the hand.

It is located on the medial (ulnar) side of the forearm and attaches to the humerus, ulna, and pisiform bone. The muscle is innervated by the ulnar nerve.


The deltoid is a muscle located in the shoulder. It is responsible for raising the arm when the shoulder is flexed. The deltoid is one of the muscles used in arm wrestling.

Latissimus Dorsi

The latissimus dorsi is a large, flat muscle that extends from the lower back to the humerus (upper arm bone).

It is responsible for the extension and horizontal adduction of the arm. In other words, it helps you to move your arm backward and across your body.

The latissimus dorsi is often called the “lats” or the “wing muscle” because of its wide, triangular shape.

Benefits of Arm Wrestling

Most people think of arm wrestling as a brute strength contest. While muscular strength is certainly a factor in arm wrestling, the sport has many benefits beyond simple brawn.

Here are some of the benefits of arm wrestling:

  • Arm wrestling is a great way to build upper-body strength.
  • It can help improve your grip strength and hand-eye coordination.
  • Arm wrestling is great to develop hand strength, forearm, and wrist muscles
  • It can help relieve stress and tension.

Tips for Arm Wrestling

Tips Of Arm Wrestling

To get into arm wrestling, you should know a few things.

First and foremost, arm wrestling is a sport that uses both the upper and lower body, so it’s important to have a strong foundation in both areas.

Secondly, the technique is key – there are many ways to approach arm wrestling, but finding the right one is crucial to success.

Finally, be prepared to work – training and practicing are essential to be the best.

Now that you know the basics, let’s learn some specific tips and techniques.

  • When you’re gripping your opponent’s hand, make sure that your thumb is underneath their fingers. This gives you a better grip and more leverage.
  • Keep your elbow close to your body – this will give you more power when you pull.
  • Use your legs – stronger than your arms, so driving with them will help you win the match.
  • Don’t forget to use your back muscles – they’re some of the strongest in your body, so engage them when arm wrestling for an extra boost of power.


With arm wrestling gaining popularity, knowing which muscles are used can help you become a better wrestler.

The biceps, triceps, forearms, and shoulder muscles participate in arm wrestling to create powerful leverage when gripping your opponent’s wrist. Working on exercises to strengthen these muscle groups is key to increasing your chances of victory.

Focusing on proper technique during practice and competition is also necessary for success in this exciting yet challenging sport.

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