How To Follow Your Fitness Progress

How To Follow Your Fitness Progress

The truth is, not everyone is a fan of exercising, and that’s totally okay.

However, if you decide to start leading a healthier lifestyle and incorporate some fitness into it, then you should be serious about your decision.

There are lots of people who lack motivation, but then they come across some pictures of people who have lost/gained a lot of weight.

Suddenly they become much more motivated because they want to accomplish similar results.

If that’s something that you truly want, then you must constantly keep track of your progress, to see whether there are any changes, even the smallest ones.

This refers to both those who want to gain and lose weight. If you need some useful advice when it comes to this, then maybe some of these methods below will help you properly follow your progress.

Practical Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress

Track Your Fitness Progress

Start A Workout Journal

This can be of huge help because it is a great way to keep track of your progress on this fitness journey.

Keep in mind, that there’s no such a thing as a universal workout plan that perfectly fits everyone.

Namely, the journal of an individual who is trying to lose weight will be drastically different from the person who is trying to gain weight.

Hence, it would be advisable to write down every single detail of your workout, just so you can determine whether you are truly making any progress or not.

So how does it work? For instance, you can either use an Excel sheet to write things down, or you can do it in some sort of notebook, whatever suits you most.

If you are not too sure what it’s supposed to look like, just browse the internet to see some great workout templates.

Opt For A Reliable Calorie Calculator

This refers to people who want to lose weight. Fitness gurus at My Fitness System want to emphasize the fact that it’s crucial to know how many calories you’ve consumed during the day, and how many you’ve burned during a workout in order to lose weight the right way.

Now, if you are not sure how many calories you’re supposed to have, then it would be best to find a trustworthy calorie calculator that is going to provide you with an accurate estimate.

This is a great tool for everyone who is currently on their weight-loss journey and is going to help you accomplish your goal efficiently.

All you have to do is enter your basic information (age, gender, weight, and height) and that’s it.

Anything Else That Can Be Done?

Tips Track Fitness Progress

Measure Your Thighs, Hips, And Biceps

Many people are relying on the scale when they want to track their progress and that’s nothing unusual.

However, it may not be the best idea if you want to get the most reliable and accurate results regarding your progress.

Don’t forget that the fat weighs less than muscle, so if you do not notice any changes in your weight on the scale. You will most likely think that you haven’t lost anything.

Therefore, it would be much more advisable to start measuring your hips, biceps, and thighs.

This way, you will get more precise information regarding your progress, plus you’ll be able to tell if you managed to put on muscle or not.

Just remember that you shouldn’t measure yourself every single day. Once a week, or even once a month, is totally fine.

Take A Front And Side Picture

Those who have lost or gained a lot of ways will tell you that was one of their favorite methods when they were starting their fitness journey. So what are you supposed to do?

Just stand in front of your mirror, wearing underwear, or a bathing suit, grab your mobile phone and take a picture.

Once you’re done with that, turn to the side and take another one, so you can see what your profile looks like.

Then you should put all your images into a folder on your cell phone or computer, and then add more pictures of your body each week.

Namely, this method is going to help you see whether you’ve made any progress in the meantime or not.

You’re not going to be able to notice these changes without taking pictures. It’s because you do live with yourself at the end of the day. Hence, it’s hard to see if there are any improvements or not.

Opt For Body Composition

What does this represent? Namely, these tests are pretty similar to scale measurement. However, they are much more detailed regarding body changes.

For example, a traditional scale is going to tell you how much you weigh.

On the other hand, a body composition test will tell you where your weight is coming from, whether it is from muscles, fat, or bone.

Fortunately, there are various body composition tests, however, the most popular one, for the time being, is the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, also known as BIA.

Furthermore, there are several types of BIA tools on the market and what’s great about them is the fact that they are pretty cost-effective.

Now, if you’re currently not in the mood to spend your money on these types of tests, then just go to your gym, and you’ll most likely get one free of charge.

Develop A Schedule

Having a schedule is generally a great thing because it allows you to keep track of the goals you’ve set.

Those who create a plan are more likely to stick to their workout schedules because it has become a crucial part of their daily routine.

Besides, you will no longer perceive training as a burden, or anything else that you despise, but rather as something that has become an integral part of your life.

As time goes by, you will notice how it’s becoming easier to stick to your plan, and you’ll become much more motivated.

Staying motivated on your fitness journey is for sure one of the most important things, and you’re not going to be able to stay that way if you do not see any improvements.

That’s why we’ve added these tips to help you easily keep track of anything that is going on with your body.

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