How many calories do I need a day to lose weight?

How Many Calories Do I Need A Day To Lose Weight

What you eat every day contains calories. But are you aware of how calories help your body? Or how do calories make you gain weight or lose weight?

There are many things that we do in our everyday life but are not aware of. Like that, calorie intake is something not everyone understands.

The calories intake gives energy to your body. With any food you have, it contains some percent of calories.

Some food might contain excessive calories, or some may have a low calorie content. The calorie intake keeps on varying.

Likewise, people’s capacity for food also varies. There’s an average amount of calorie intake for almost everyone. And different people have different effects on calorie intake.

Some people gain weight even by eating a small number of calories. But for some people, the calorie intake has almost no effect.

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Calorie intake per day to lose weight

Calorie Intake Per Day To Lose Weight

Here’s what you should know about how many calories per day you are supposed to consume in order to lose weight.

What you are intaking daily depends on you! That is your weight, age, and gender as well. Everyone is made up differently with the different capabilities of calorie intake.

Definitely, the calorie intake varies for men and women separately. A woman should intake about 1600 to 2400 calories. At the same time, a man should intake 2000 to 3400 calories per day.

By keeping this in your mind you have to continue your plan to lose weight.

Your calorie intake daily should never go below 1200 calories, or it may turn to something else.

To lose weight, what can be done then? Firstly, aim at how much weight you want to lose.

Next, look at your diet and how many calories you have been consuming per day. At the end of the day, weigh your weight.

Keeping your weight in mind on a daily basis, try to decrease your calorie intake per day. That is, what was your diet before that needs to be changed.

So, if your daily calorie intake was 1900, then you should decrease it little by little to reach up to the ideal weight you want.

Ways to decrease your calorie intake

So, basically, you have to decrease your calorie intake from what it was before in order to lose weight. Here are some ways to decrease your calorie intake:

Ways To Decrease Calorie Intake

1. Decrease your sugar intake

If you like to have high sugar content in your food or drinks, try to stop it. Sugar contains a lot of calories that can only make you gain weight. Even your drinks contain sugar.

Drinks don’t even make you full, so you tend to have more drinks with high sugar content. To lose weight, first, stop drinking sugar content drinks.

2. Intaking more proteinaceous food

Intaking more protein is not only good for health but also helps you fight continuous hunger. Food that contains protein gives you energy and power.

So, eating useless calorie-filled junk food can only lead to gaining more and more weight.

It has been seen that if your diet is more protein-oriented, then the calorie intake from elsewhere decreases. Leading to weight loss.

3. Avoiding processed foods and polished food

Even though you might find this kind of food tasty, it contains a lot of calories. You might not stop it immediately but slowly try to control your food intake.

This food contains more than the calories you can imagine. Your food orientation should be so that it should have a proper and healthy effect on your body.

These foods contain all kinds of different ingredients that you should avoid in order to lose weight.

Your food intake should consist of green veggies, grains, nuts, et cetera. All of it is good for your health and does not contain too many calories.

4. Drinking more and more water

Water is good for health and also helps to keep your hunger in control. And if your hunger is in control, your calorie intake will be less as well.

So, every time you sit down to eat, you can drink up some water, and that will fill your stomach.

Therefore, your calorie intake while eating will be less as most of your stomach will be filled with water—another way to lose weight and eat low calories.

Final thoughts

Now you know how many calories to intake in order to lose weight. Tracking up your calorie intake is always beneficial, and you should try that!

We hope this info will be useful to you. And also, share it with those who are looking forward to losing weight by lowering their intake per day.

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