Diamond Push Ups – Benefits, How To Do, and Muscles Worked

diamond push ups

If you can not go to the gym or no gym equipment. But you might still need to work out your upper body and have an impressive physique.

If your aim is to develop your upper body so it becomes bigger and stronger, consider performing diamond push ups.

In this article, we are going to tell you what diamond push-up is, its benefits and how to perform it.

Also, we are going to tell you the muscles in your body that you will work by performing this body workout.

What Is Diamond Push Up?

Before proceeding any further, let’s spare some moment and look at what diamond push-ups entail, shall we?

The diamond push-up (or triangle push-up) is a compound body workout exercise that develops your chest, shoulders, back, core, triceps, quads, and glutes. It focusses on your upper body parts.

When performing this body workout exercise, you will place your hands and feet on the floor, with your back straight.

You will make sure that your opposite hands are touching each other for the best results.

Once you have taken this posture, you will use your chest and arm muscles to move your bodyweight up and down towards the floor.

Diamond Push Ups Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to reap from performing the diamond push-ups. And they include the following:

diamond push ups benefits

  • Great Activates For Triceps

One benefit that the diamond push-ups guarantee is worked triceps. You might wonder: how do diamond push-ups do this?

It’s very simple! Due to the nature of the narrow positioning of your hands, your bodyweight will exert some pressure or force on the triceps.

When you are moving your chest up and down, you will be exercising your triceps. And in the process, you will have well-defined triceps. As such, performing this body workout exercise activates your triceps.

Besides, a study from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) revealed that diamond push-ups are the most effective exercise for working your triceps.

  • Improves Body Posture

The diamond push-ups work on various body muscles including your core. As such, it strengthens the core muscles.

If you have a strong core, it becomes easy to support your body in whatever posture it is in.

The strength buildup in your core is also essential in ensuring that you maintain your natural body posture. Since you will be keeping your back straight when performing this exercise, your body will naturally take an upright posture.

  • Great For Chest Workout

If you’re looking to give your chest a nice workout, performing diamond push-ups is an ideal undertaking.

It’s now no secret that you will place your hands close together during this workout routine. This gives you a smaller base to support your bodyweight.

As a result, you will be subjecting your pec minor and pec major muscle groups to your bodyweight. And in the process, you will end up with a large, well-defined chest.

  • Boost Metabolism

Diamond push-ups are very challenging and there is no doubt about that. When performing these push-ups your heart rate rapidly increases.

This is to make sure that your body muscles have sufficient oxygen levels needed to provide the energy you need to keep performing the diamond push-ups.

In the process, your body will experience improved body metabolism. This results in better calorie burning and better body physique. Improved metabolism also makes sure your body functions at its best

  • Stronger Shoulders

Diamond push-ups put some pressure on your shoulder joints. As a result, your anterior deltoid will become stronger and larger in preparation for more complex push-up variations.

So, if you’re looking to perform more challenging push-ups, diamond push-ups offer sufficient preparations.

  • Burns Calories and Helps Weight Loss

Diamond push-ups are not just for toning your body muscles. They are a challenging push-up variant that burns large amounts of calories and fat deposits.

It reduces fat deposits especially around your midsection due to the repetitive motions you make during the push-ups.

This means that the diamond push-ups are an ideal body work out exercise for people looking to lose some weight. For impressive results, you will need to continue performing it more as possible.

  • Improves Body Balance and Stability

You will always place your hands and feet close together when performing the diamond push-ups. This gives you a small base for supporting your entire bodyweight during the exercise.

In the process, you will learn to balance your bodyweight on a small base. This improves your body balance!

But that is not all. This exercise also strengthens your muscle fibers so they can tolerate stress.

In the end, your muscles fibers will work together to keep your body in excellent posture even when they’re under stress.

  • Improves Cardiovascular System

We have already seen that diamond push-ups engage the heart so it can pump blood faster.

This is necessary so all muscle groups can have sufficient oxygen for metabolism. By also engaging the heart, the diamond push-ups improve your cardiovascular system.

In the long run, you will have excellent heart health and avert heart issues such as heart failures. You will be reducing the cholesterol levels in your heart by performing this workout.

And this means no high blood pressure and other heart-related illnesses that plague people at old age.

How To Do A Diamond Push Up

How To Do A Diamond Push Up

Diamond push-up is a challenging body work out exercise but not one that you can’t manage. Doing it is simple if you follow the steps below:

  • Get on all the four limbs with your hands under your chest but touching each other.
  • Only your index fingers and thumbs should be touching each other so they form a diamond shape.
  • Extend your arms fully so your chest is off the ground. Keep your back straight during this phase. This is the starting position.
  • Lower your chest to the floor so it almost touches your hands. Keep your back straight and your elbows to your sides. Don’t remove your elbows out of the sides!
  • Push yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat these motions as many times as you can.

What Muscles Do Diamond Push Ups Work?

The following are the muscles you will be exercising when performing diamond push-ups:

  • The Triceps

While the traditional push-ups mainly work on your chest, the diamond push-ups work on your triceps brachii muscles.

When performing the diamond push-ups, your triceps and biceps work together to assist your forearms to extend and retract.

In the process, you will be simultaneously exercising different muscle groups. You also exercise your triceps when they work hard to stabilize your shoulder joints.

  • The Shoulders and Chest (Deltoids and Pectoralis Major)

Other muscle groups that the diamond push-ups work out are the shoulders (anterior deltoids) and chest (pectoralis major) muscles.

This exercise engages these muscle groups which assist the triceps to push your bodyweight up from the floor.

In the process, they also get a good exercise which transforms them into huge, strong and well-defined muscles.

  • The Back (Rhomboid and Trapezius)

The rhomboid and trapezius are some of the muscle groups in your back. Since you will strive to keep your back straight when performing the diamond push-ups, your back muscle fibers will strengthen and handle the pressure.

In the process, you will be working them out. As such, the diamond push-ups also exercise your back muscles. It is a beneficial work out exercise for averting back pains.

what muscles do diamond push ups work

Other Secondary Muscle Groups

There are other muscles that you can target with the diamond push-up body workout. They include the following:

  • Abs

The abs are also called the rectus abdominis muscles. They are on the anterior wall of your abdomen.

Performing the diamond push-ups can make these muscle groups not only strong but well-defined as well.

By tightening the fiber muscles of your abs, your stomach will have sufficient strength for enduring more challenging workouts.

  • Quadriceps

These are inner thigh muscles. Performing the diamond push-ups involve the use of your feet.

And the narrow positioning of your feet makes sure that your bodyweight fires up those quadriceps. In the end, you will have strong and well-defined thighs.

  • Glutes

Glutes are buttocks muscles. If you want to have firmer buttocks for aesthetic physique, there are plenty of exercises to perform.

But one work out that you can also count on is the diamond push-ups. It strengthens those muscles for better daily performance at various tasks.

  • Oblique

There are two types of oblique muscles: the internal and external oblique. The internal oblique sit right under the external oblique. Their muscle fibers also run parallel to each other.

When performing the diamond push-ups, some of your bodyweights will act on these muscles. They will then become strong and well-defined.

If you’re looking for some six-packs, diamond push-ups might help you get them. You only need to persist in your daily workout routine.


The diamond push-ups are not for the faint-hearted. It is a very challenging body workout exercise that will put you through a lot of muscle stress.

But the benefits outweigh the agony that it puts you through. If you are in lockdown, you can still perform the diamond push-ups body exercise. It requires no gym equipment or machine.

You only need your bodyweight. And you will always have it. This article has gone through the proper way of doing diamond push-ups. Also, it has looked at the muscles it works when performing and the benefits you are set to reap.

We hope you have learned something new from this article. Did you like what you just read? If so, don’t forget to share and let us know your thoughts in the comment box down below.

Diamond Push Ups - Benefits, How To Do, and Muscles Worked

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