12 Yoga Workout For Killer Abs

Yoga Workout For Killer Abs

You are looking forward to performing the most high-intensity abs with yoga workouts. But have you ever wondered those exercises are worth it to try when you are just at the beginning of the track?

Meanwhile, the core plays as a robust center link that connects your lower part with the upper one. You can improve the stability with a sturdy core.

Hence, besides building up core strength, our article provides you with 12 yoga workout for killer abs that also help better posture and tone the curves.

1. Boat Pose

Boat Pose

Boat Pose helps your total body consistently maintain a good balance and integration among the physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

To master this exercise, first, you have to sit in a straight form, then have your leg slowly lifted off the floor, and keep the whole body equally positioned.

Grasp the backside of your knees, and stretch the heels. Then, stimulate your feet so that thinner arches can squeeze firmly. At the same time, open your toes in a fan shape.

Now, what you need to do is adjust and send your hands forward with the fingers spread widely.

To balance your body well, slightly bend your knees. By doing so, you can keep your shins hung in parallel to the ground.

Remember to open your chest in support of engaging your lower belly. Then, inhale, exhale evenly and hold for about eight breaths, depending on your ability.

2. Plank Pose

Plank Pose

Plank pose is one of many igniting killer abs exercises that help cultivate the upper body and lower parts in connection with the core strength.

Firstly, you should stack the shoulders directly over your wrists. Then stretch your heels backward, and do not forget to clutch muscles of your legs to the bones by pressing your outer shins tightly.

Next, you need to have your crown lifted forward and lengthen your heels high right after that. Now, extend your tailbone and raise the lower belly.

Finally, keep that pose for about 30 seconds – 1 minute, and you will feel an inner fire intrigued at your core.

3. Reverse Plank

Reverse Plank

Another option is doing a reverse plank that improves both your arms and your abdominal part.

You should start with a seat on the floor and leave your legs straight. Then, fan your fingers open on the floor with the palms facing down.

Your hands should be a little outside and behind your hips.

Next, use the force from your palms to lift your hips, and your torso needs to point at the ceiling.

It would be best to stare at the ceiling and straighten your legs and arms with extended toes. Remember that the line running from your head to your heels must be straight.

To keep the entire body in a balanced position, you draw the button part of your belly back toward the spine and squeeze your core concurrently.

If you feel weaker or your hips tend to sag, let your whole body lie back down to the floor. Repeat this pose three times and hold for 30 seconds per set.

4. Extended Side Angle

Extended Side Angle

Extended Side Angle can be an excellent option for those who are scared of plank things.

In the first place, exhale deeply, and at the same time, send your left foot forward to the top of the mat with the right one stepping backward.

Then, you raise and stretch your arms in the horizontal line of your two sides with palms facing the floor. You can form an angle between 90 and 45 degrees of your left heel with the mat center.

After that, slightly bend your left knee to lower your thigh, which should be parallel to the ground.

Put your left forearm on the left thigh, and the palm should be facing towards the ceiling.

To increase the intensity, you can modify the left hand outside or inside the left foot. Remember to engage the core for extra support.

Raise your right arm and lengthen it over your ear while pressing the pinkie toe of the right side firmly on the floor to get more strength.

Do not forget to draw your gaze towards the right hand and open your chest as well.

Hold for 30 seconds and perform the same pose with your right foot forward to help the entire body stay in balance.

5. Side Plank

Side Plank

Want something more challenging? Go for side plank exercise besides plank pose or reverse plank for igniting the two sides of your core even better.

You use a hand and ground it down while lifting the opposite arm toward the ceiling.

Then, press the side edge of your lower foot into the ground. Next, flex the feet and pull the muscles of your legs back to the bones simultaneously.

Avoid dropping your belly too low. Instead, lift it a bit so that you can boost the inner burning in your core.

Again, open your chest, extend your fingers and hold for ten breaths. Repeat the pose for the other side.

6. Leg Lift Hold

Leg Lift Hold

Leg lift hold is an actual killer for your abs, so try it to increase the overall strength of the center core.

You will perform this pose on the floor. The entire body will be resting on the ground.

You put your hands right under the glutes with palms down and straighten your legs.

Then, you slowly lift your legs and hold for 10-20 seconds, even more, if you can.

Then slowly lower leg hover around the ground for another 10 breaths.

7. Cat Pose Crunches

Cat Pose Crunches

Cat pose crunches workout is not a challenging option to perform.

You form a tabletop shape. Then, stabilize the pose by tucking your toes before having your lower belly lifted. From that, you can engage the core deeply.

Next, you draw the left arm forward, equally high to your shoulders, with fingers extended wide.

Stretch your right heel to the back of the mat at the hip level and have your foot flexed.

When you exhale, pull the right elbow to touch the left knee. Then, lift the low belly up to have your back rounded as Cat Pose.

On your inhale, extend your right arm and left leg back.

Keep doing so for 5-7 rounds, then repeat on the other side.

8. Dolphin Plank

Dolphin Plank

We know plank is somewhat tricky for any beginner when stepping into the fitness field.

However, this exercise is worth it to try, and you should be persistent in doing planks every day, particularly dolphin plank pose.

To start, you need to ground the forearms down from the plank pose. Then, press the palms, elbows, inner forearms into the floor.

Remember to form a straight line from the shoulders downwards the heels.

After that, stretch your thoracic spine and collarbone before holding the tailbone downwards with your heels and squeeze the belly tightly.

The next step is to activate your legs’ muscles and bring the heels back toward the back of the mat when you extend the crown forward.

Look at one point of the mat and breathe 5-10 breaths.

9. Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose

If you are a yoga addict, desiring for something complicated and challenging, then we recommend you half-moon pose, which is really helpful in burning up your abdominal part.

To perform the pose, you’d better stand on the top of the mat first and set up a form, namely Standing Forward Bend.

Place the right side body on the floor, hang your left leg at the hip level that should be parallel to the ground.

Then, distance your right hand from the standing foot for about 10 inches. The hand should be in front of your bearing foot and lying in the pinkie toe row.

After that, slowly raise the front of your pelvis at the belly button level. Remember to squeeze your core for more support. At the same time, stack and open the hips towards the opposite side.

Next, lift both hands to the center of your heart or extend your left arm to the ceiling to build up more abdominal power.

Hold this pose for seven breaths, then switch to the other side.

10. Crow Crunches

Crow crunches is an interesting workout that you should give it a try. We make sure this option will surprise you at how it enhances lightness and balance.

First of all, you have your back glued to the ground and lift your heels off for about 6 inches. Then, place your arms above the crown of your head.

You need to squeeze your center, breathe in deeply, and round the entire body up into a tight ball on your exhale.

You can ignite the core power by pressing your feet’s inner arches together.

Keep the extensions when you inhale and hold the contractions as you exhale for ten breaths.

11. Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose is really helpful in bettering spinal function and relieving back pain. The exercise also helps open your chest as well as the front of your body, and strengthen your core,

To perform the pose correctly, you need to have your palms placed flat on the floor first.

The palms necessarily position in the vertical line to your shoulders or above hips. You can flex the elbows a bit, and then clutch them onto two sides of your torso.

Next, you slowly elevate yourself off from the ground with the strength of the core. This is to make sure that you are working with core and abs.

Plus, your elbows need to be hugged firmly into your sides.

You should avoid cracking the neck up while performing the pose. And lastly, your eyes direct at the above.

Hold this position for as long as possible

12. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

The last option is Downward Facing Dog; like the Cobra Pose, this workout also helps alleviate your back pain.

However, because its essence is mild inversion, the pose requires yoga performers to use spinal forces in a reverse way, then more blood can flow to their brains.

Setting up a pose that your knees and hands with the wrists position underneath the hips and the shoulders consecutively is the first step.

Then, you lengthen your legs by lifting your hips up with the toes curled back through the hands.

After that, you swivel the upper arms outwardly to extend the collarbones. Remember to keep your fingers open to the fingertips.

Your head should stay hung, then you calmly shift your shoulders back towards your hips.

To reduce the heaviness of your body’s weight that the arms could have endured, you need to have your quadriceps engaged optimally.

Next, you get your thighs rotated inwardly and keep your tail pointing at the sky while sinking your heels down to the ground.

Your hands will distance your feet like in a plank position. Avoid stepping your feet forwards close to the hands for the heels touching the floor.

Hold this position about 45 seconds – 1 minute

Final Thoughts

We hope that after scanning through 12 yoga workout for killer abs, you can select some exercises suitable for your mobility and abdominal enhancement.

If you know any helpful workout, feel free to share with us.

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