Which Is The Best Way To Do 200 Pushups A Day?

Which Is The Best Way To Do 200 Pushups A Day

In the workout world, push-ups are dubbed the king of exercise. These total-body moves contribute greatly to building the upper-body strength and supporting sturdy bones.

You can practice the exercise everywhere without any specific supporting equipment. Just the weight of your body is enough!

Doing 200 pushups a day will keep your body fit and strong, but it sounds like quite difficult task, doesn’t it?

Actually, if you know how to do it properly and regularly follow a consistent aerobics routine, you can pass this challenge.

Now, let’s get the ball rolling!

Why 200 Pushups?

There is no limit to the capability and possibility of how many pushups an individual is able to perform. You can reach the number 200 or more, depending on your physical condition and effort.

Basically, you will notice all gains and benefits of pushups when you hit the 200-a-day target. Your endurance is improved, your arm muscles become more powerful, and you’ll see a significant change in your body form.

Practicing 200 pushups a day helps you lose weight and makes you look like a swimmer rather than a gym bunny or a bodybuilder.

That is because you’ll be slimmer, more slender, and gracefully thin doing the exercise. Not only does your upper body change but also your overall size, hence creating a shapely body.

When You First Start

Should you be a newbie, at the very first start, you’ll find it extremely hard to work out pushing up. Some people can’t even do 10 or 20 reps.

The tip is don’t bite off more than you can chew. Just perform as many as you can, be it 5, 10, or 15.

The number doesn’t matter, as long as you feel comfortable, and please remember, do not exhaust yourself at the first time. You’ll rarely find motivation for the next workout!

How To Do Pushups The Right Way

  • Kneel on the floor or an exercise rug and place your feet together.
  • Lean forward to form a high plank (the first position of a pushup move), flatten your palms and back, keep a shoulder-width distance between two hands, and the shoulders right over the hands.
  • Gradually lower your whole body toward the ground. Remain in a rigid posture and keep a spine-aligned head. Don’t hike up your hips or sag your back.
  • Keep lowering your body until your chin touches near the floor. Don’t let the elbows flare out during this downward movement.
  • Lift yourself upward using arm pressure. Keep pressing until the arms are completely straight and the back returns to the first position – a high plank.
  • Repeat the same movement about 5 – 10 times.

If you find yourself panting and your arms shivering, you should stop and take a break. If you can still control your breath and keep stable arms, try five more times.

You need to set out a goal for each week to motivate yourself and give it 100% to achieve it. Week one’s target may be 25 pushups; week two’s maybe 50, then the next couple of weeks may be higher.

Everyone’s physical condition is different. The most important thing is to be consistent and patient, don’t forget it!

When You’ve Become A Pro

If you already are used to pushing up and able to do 50 reps without stopping, it’s time you maximized your effectiveness by working out four sets of 50 reps.

In case you still face fatigue, another quick way to hit the 200 pushups target is to do three sets of 50 reps and two sets of 25.

Once you’ve mastered this challenging exercise, you should try to make headway by modifying your pushups.

Should you desire to target some specific parts of your body, applying different sorts of pushups can be of great assistance.

Depending on which part you want to emphasize, there are loads of pushup variations that you can adopt. A few small changes may entirely shift the focused muscular areas during the movement.

Variations of Pushups To Make More Challenging

  • Wide Pushup

A variation putting more stress on the chest. This type differs from the basic one in the hands position. You need to keep a wider distance than the shoulder-width between them.

  • Pike Pushup

A type emphasizing on the shoulders. You’ll shape an inverted “V” for the start position with your arms and legs.

Hike up your hips in the air. Then bend at the elbows and lower your body. Repeat this move while breathing in and out.

  • Diamond Pushup

The diamond pushup is quite an arduous task for you to challenge yourself. Like the wide pushup, the only difference between this type and the basic type is the hand position.

You’ll place your hands underneath the chest. Then have your thumbs and index fingers coupled to shape a triangle. The diamond pushup sort will particularly lay stress on your triceps.

Apart from those pushup variations above, you can modify your workout with many other types, such as reverse hands, archers, or superman pushup. These types seem difficult for beginners.

Useful Tips

Succeeding in doing 200 pushups a day is really a great achievement. However, 200 should also be the limit to most exercise doers.

Any more rep may pose a trigger to your blood pressure, heart, or cause dyspnea – shortness of breath.

The most efficient way to enhance your endurance and muscular strength are to lessen the number of pushup sets. Doing 50 or 100 reps in a row will not only build core strength but also boost core stability.

Good nutrition is exceedingly crucial during the practicing progress and one of the key factors to make gains.

You’ll burn a huge amount of calories when working out, so you should eat well enough. The more you eat, the more energy you get to hit 200 pushups!

Also, treating your body with more protein or carbs contributes greatly to tauter muscles. You’d better look for some kind of protein supplements like whey and healthy recipes that fit your appetite and fitness.


Pushups are a staple of many workouts, and sometimes, they’re also an interest. Properly doing it will do wonders for our health and mind.

After reading our post, we hope you now know how to perform 200 pushups a day in the best way.

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