What Height Is Considered Tall For A Woman and A Man?

What Height Is Considered Tall For A Woman and A Man

The ideal height for a man or woman has always been a subject to debate. This is a topic that always sparks off heated discussions among the general public. And you might be caught up in the middle of such discussions.

But the question is: “How do you tell if a man or woman is tall or short for that matter?”

In this article, we’re going to go through various heights brackets. You will then be able to tell a short man or woman from a tall one after reading on.

How Do You Know If You’re Tall?

You can always compare yourself with the people around you as far as height is concerned. You will then be able to tell if you are tall or short.

However, cultures around the world have different average heights for men and women.

This means that a tall man or woman in one culture could be shorter in another culture.

But the best way to find out if you’re tall is comparing yourself with your country’s average height for your gender.

What Height Is Considered Tall For A Man?

As you might have noticed, countries all over the world have different average heights for men.

So, let us look at a few countries with their average height for men:

  • France – 5’9’’
  • Finland – 5’11’’
  • Estonia – 5’10.5’’
  • USA (white men) – 5’9’’
  • Dominican Republic – 5’8’’
  • Germany – 5’10″
  • Russia – 5’7.5’’
  • Kenya – 5’7’’
  • China – 5’6.5’’
  • India – 5’5.5’’

From this list, you will need to be at least 6 feet tall to be looked at as a tall man.

But a tall man is one whose height exceeds the national average height for men in his country. A short man in your country could be tall in another country.

What Height Is Considered Tall For A Woman?

Also, countries differ when it comes to national average height for women. The list below shows the average height for women in a few countries in the world:

  • France – 5’4’’
  • Finland – 5’5’’
  • Estonia – 5’6.4’’
  • USA – 5’3.5’’
  • Dominican Republic – 5’2.5’’
  • Germany – 5’5″
  • Russia – 5’4.5’’
  • Kenya – 5’2.5’’
  • China – 5’2’’
  • India – 5’0’’

From this list, if you’re 5’8’’ tall, you will be considered a tall woman. Again, you should be taller than your country’s average height for women to be looked at as a tall woman.

The topic of someone’s height is subjective. You might consider someone tall if she’s only taller than you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she is tall.

How Would You Know If People Think You’re Tall?

what height is considered tall for a man

When it comes to height, you can always know if the people around you consider as you tall:

  • They Ask If  You’re A Basketball Or Volleyball Player

The people around you will always assume things about you based on your looks. And you can know if you’re tall based on the questions that they might ask.

If you are new to a place, someone might ask if you play basketball or volleyball.

That type of question can only point to the possibility that you are tall. While such questions might offend you if you don’t play such sports, they’re a good indication that people think you’re tall.

For women, someone might ask if you model. It is only that most models are tall. If they associate your height with modeling, it means they think you are tall. And they don’t necessarily mean to offend you in any way.

  • They Spot You Sooner In A Crowd

If you are in a crowded place, your friends and family might spot you with ease from afar. That could mean that you are taller than most people around you. And you are giving away your location very easily.

  • You Are Blocking Their View

If you are seated in a theatre room and you’re blocking the view of the audience behind, it could show that you’re tall.

Another case would be in a lecture hall where you’re blocking the view of the students behind you. All these scenarios point to one fact: you might be taller than some of the people around you.

How Can You Tell That You’re Tall?

what height is considered tall

Sometimes, you don’t need people to let you know that you are tall. You can find out about this fact by yourself. And here are a few ways to tell if you are tall:

  • If You Have Difficulties Finding Perfectly Fitting Clothes

You might have a daunting task finding pants that cover your legs. Also, you might face challenges finding a T-shirt that doesn’t look like a crop-top when you’ve worn it.

In all these cases, you might be taller than most clothes you lay your hands on.

  • If You Tower Over All The People Around You

Imagine being in a live concert and you don’t have problems viewing your favorite performance.

You could be standing far back but still have an excellent view of the performing artists. In this case, you are taller than most people around you (if not all).

  • If You Look Down At People

This is yet another method to use to know if you’re taller. However, this method only compares you to one person at a time. But it is still a great method of finding if you are taller.

When holding a conversation with friends and colleagues while standing, notice how you look at them.

If your line of sight isn’t horizontal but declines when looking at your friend, it shows you are taller than them. You can only look down at someone if you tower over them.

What Factors Affect Your Height?

what height is considered tall for a woman

There are a few factors that dictate how tall you are going to be. You have little control over your height. But it is good to know these factors. They include the following:

1. DNA

Your body’s DNA composition is the number 1 factor that determines your height. Scientists have identified over 700 genes on DNA strands.

These genes affect the growth plates in your body. As such, DNA affects your adulthood height.

Also, some of these genes affect the production of hormones in your body. But hormones are other factors that affect height. It means DNA affects your height in at least two ways.

People all over the world have different DNA profiles. This explains why we have varying heights.

2. Hormones

The growth plates are directly affecting your height. Anything that affects them will shape your height.

But for them to determine the height that you will attain, they need a set of instructions from your hormones.

And this is how hormones play a role in determining your height. Some of the hormones that affect your height include:

  • Growth Hormones

The pituitary glands secrete these hormones. They affect height and other growths the most. If your body makes less of these hormones, you will experience a slower growth rate.

  • Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid glands secrete hormones that influence your growth.

  • Sex Hormones

The main sex hormones that affect your height are testosterone and estrogen. They play an important role in gaining height during puberty.

3. Your Sex

Males usually grow taller than females by 5.5 inches. The data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), shows that white males in the US are 69 inches tall and women are 63.6 inches tall. That is a 5.4-inch height difference between men and women.

4. Environment

Your environment (the place you live in) also determines your height. We live in different parts of the world.

Some people live in Europe, while others live in African and North America just as an example. Our environments vary in foods and nutrients. And these are other factors that affect growth.

What Advantages Could Tall People Have?

If you’re tall, there’s a higher chance you are more confident and dominant at the workplace.

Also, you are likely to earn more money according to a recent research. The general public is likely to hold you in high regard if you’re tall.

Another advantage of being tall is: women consider tall men as more attractive and dominant. This is also in light of a research that was recently done.

But this is not to discourage shorter people. Height has never deterred anyone from achieving their goals in life!


Some men consider themselves short when they meet their country’s average height for men. The same case applies to some women.

Also, some people might think they’re taller when they’re within the average height for their gender in their country.

You might have trouble telling if you are tall for your gender. To eliminate any confusion, this article has explained the average height for men and women in different countries.

Also, this article has looked at the various factors that affect your height.

Knowing if you are tall or not could be important. The general public is looking at you differently based on your height!

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