Should You Workout Biceps and Triceps On The Same Day?

should you workout biceps and triceps on the same day

One single exercise can’t help you build your arm muscle group. Hence, many lifters decide to combine biceps and triceps in a workout session to speed up their progress.

But should you workout biceps and triceps on the same day? Will they affect your muscles? You can find the answers to these questions right here.

Let’s join us to establish a perfect training program for your arm muscles!

Should You Workout Biceps and Triceps On The Same Day?

Yes. Working on biceps and triceps is an excellent way to build your arm muscles. However, you need to pay attention to the intensity of your training.

There are pros and cons when training your biceps and triceps simultaneously. Please check them carefully before starting your workout.

biceps and triceps on the same day


Many lifters choose this workout method to strengthen their upper muscles. The following benefits will encourage you to join this group.

  • Effective Bodybuilding Set

Training your biceps and triceps simultaneously promotes a massive metabolite transfer into your upper arms, giving you a significant arm pump.

With the help of this bodybuilding pump set, you can see how effective your exercises are. The workouts even briefly expand your arms.

Moreover, you can combine multiple exercises to establish an arm-building superset that will make you look muscular.

  • Different Purposes

Triceps include the muscles on your upper arm’s back, while biceps refer to the muscles on the front. Since they don’t interfere with each other, you can train them simultaneously.

Moreover, your triceps involve push actions, whereas you often pull when working on your biceps. You may strengthen both muscles by training your biceps and triceps without planning a second session.

  • Less exhaustion

Biceps and triceps are small muscles. So even if you practice two different exercises on them in the same workout session, you won’t get exhausted easily.

These muscle groups are often secondary movers during heavy lifting training sessions. It’s unlikely that adding specific bis and tris exercises will affect your overall performance.

  • More training

You may heal and maintain the muscle group split throughout a weekly workout program if you practice on the triceps and biceps on the same day.

If your objective is to increase your muscle mass, this combination enables you to strengthen your arms more than once a week while having enough rest.

  • Time-saving

Busy people love to combine biceps and triceps exercises in the same workout program because they only need to spend time on one session.

  • Increased blood flow

When you work your triceps and biceps on the same day, the exercises will improve your blood circulation in the two muscle groups. It can also relieve soreness and hasten the healing recovery process.


Working on two different parts at the same time comes with risks. Please check these points out and learn how to avoid them.

  • Long Workouts

Although you don’t have to plan another session, your workout time will still be longer because there are two parts to focus on. Make sure your muscles have fully recovered before proceeding.

  • Not Suitable For The Powerlifting Program

Powerlifting programs are intense and have specifically-planned exercises in each session. You will find it hard to train your triceps and biceps on the same day in these programs.

There are numerous triceps workouts in the powerlifting session as they assist powerlifters in benching. Meanwhile, bicep-focused exercises serve as optional workouts.

  • Counterproductive

Combining triceps and biceps exercises might be dangerous if your technique is incorrect.

Although triceps and biceps refer to two different sides of your body, they are close to each other. You can’t hit the right muscles if you have a slight shift in your form.

  • Overtraining

Overtraining the muscles is one of the major risks of exercising your
biceps and triceps at the same time. Fatigue, pain, and even damage
may result from overtraining.

When you first start exercising, gradually increasing your workouts’ duration and intensity is essential.

Should You Train Biceps Or Triceps First?

The rule is that: Exercises done earlier in the workout will be more effective than exercises performed afterward.

As you may notice, bodybuilders often ask you to do the biceps first. Meanwhile, powerlifters tend to do triceps first.

So, it depends on the muscle group you want to train more and put it first in your workout program.

How To Train Biceps and Triceps Effectively?

biceps and triceps workout

Since there are risks when training the triceps and biceps. Hence, you should be careful if you choose this approach.

Here are some tips to help you pull it off.

Number of sets

We advise choosing two to three workouts per muscle and performing each movement three to four times.

Instead of practicing many unnecessary sets that only give you a good pump, you may focus on performing quality sets that effectively promote hypertrophy.

Avoid overtraining by not performing too many sets; instead, you risk not healing in time for your next workout sessions.

Rest days

You should wait at least 48 hours between workouts, depending on how many days you can work on your muscles.

Progress tracking

Every workout requires continuous tracking. Please keep your muscles in check to see if the exercises are effective or counterproductive.

Additionally, you must ensure that your dietary patterns are under control. In particular, stop eating sweets and get enough nutrients and protein to support your recovery.

Target Different Heads

There are two heads in the biceps, one on the inside (short head) and one on the outside (long head) of the upper arm.

Similarly, the tricep muscle has three heads: inside (long head), outside (lateral head), and middle (medial head).

You should target these heads with specific exercises. For example, you can aim for the tricep’s long head with overhead extensions. On the other hand, dips work for the lateral head.

Do not overwork

Many lifters work until they can’t stand. If you want to work on the triceps and biceps on the same day, avoid getting exhausted until you reach the final exercise of your session.


You can train your biceps and triceps in one workout session. But make sure that you plan the exercise properly. Also, listen to your body carefully to know how it feels after the workout.

You can choose which exercises to practice first, depending on your purpose. And always allow your body to recover before the next session.

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