Should You Train Shoulders After Chest Day?

Should You Train Shoulders After Chest Day

Spending time in a gym is the best time pass for fitness freaks, whether weight lifting or cardio.

However, most participants are confused about which exercises or muscles should be targeted simultaneously.

We all focus on getting well-developed pectorals, but the question arises, “Should you train shoulders after chest day?”

There is a lot of talk on this topic. This article will clear out most of your confusion regarding shoulders after chest day.

Also, it clarifies whether it is okay to train both muscles together and how often you should target shoulders or chest muscles in a week.

Training Your Shoulders After Chest Day – Is It A Good Option?

Dedicating a complete day to your chest is never a wise option. Most trainers introduce chest and back exercises on the same day.

In comparison, there are two schools of thought regarding training your shoulders after the chest day. Your deltoids are involved in pressing and pushing exercises in weightlifting.

According to the first group, it is good to have a 48-hour gap between shoulder and chest day.

The two-day gap will help your small muscles to recover and be ready for the shoulder day as a group of muscles is involved in both the shoulders and chest workout.

On the other hand, you can work on both groups of muscles if your body can train both groups of muscles on the same day.

However, it is not likely recommended because the chances of deltoid fatigue increase.

So, it is always better to split the training of both muscles on different days with a gap on which you can perform light exercises and give your body time to recover.

Are There Any Benefits Of Doing Shoulders After Chest Day?

Benefits Of Doing Shoulders After Chest Day

There are always pros and cons to every action you do. Just like that, working on your shoulders after chest day has the following benefits.

Target Small Muscles After A Large One

Some trainers like to plan workouts where you can train some small group of muscles (shoulders) with larger ones (chest).

When you are training for a large group of muscles, your body uses a lot of energy, and you might not have enough energy to work on other compound exercises.

So, in such a situation, opting for exercises targeting your small muscles is better.

Your body is entirely motivated to perform, and you can effectively utilize your time and energy in training a small group of muscles.

It Will Help To Work On Your Shoulders More

If you want to challenge your body or increase your stamina, you can work on your shoulders after chest day.

Most chest exercises involve your shoulder muscles as a secondary muscle. You might experience sore shoulder muscles the next day.

But if you perform targeted exercises for your shoulders while stressed, you will likely experience more gains and strength.

Always make sure that you aren’t overtraining and that your body is getting its proper recovery time.

Why Is It Not Recommended To Train Shoulders Right After The Chest Day?

In most chest exercises, your shoulder muscles are also involved as supporting muscles. If you train shoulders right after chest day, your shoulder muscles undergo the following problems.

Overtrain Shoulder Muscles


Feeling fatigued after a training session is expected. After a chest day, most individuals experience stiffness in the upper body the next day.

Chest day is tiring, so working on shoulders after a chest day with low motivation and energy is not recommended.

Overtrain Your Shoulder Muscles

Overtraining a group of muscles increases the chances of muscle injury. When you are doing shoulders after chest day, you are overtraining your shoulder muscles as these muscles contribute to chest exercise.

To be safer, target any other group of muscles after chest day and let your shoulder muscles recover well.

Risk of Injuries

If you keep exercising with sore muscles, you are likely to experience muscle or ligament injury. Your muscles require some time to recover, so ensure you provide enough time to rest well.

Is It Better To Do Chest Training After The Shoulder Day Or Do Both Simultaneously?

Doing chest work after shoulder training or doing it on the same day is your choice according to your goals and recovery capacity.

On separate days, you get enough energy and time to focus on both your muscles individually. It will be good if you want to maximize the intensity and volume of workouts for shoulders and chest muscles.

Doing it on separate days will give your muscles sufficient time to recover and prepare for the next day. So, it is better to do it on different days with a day in between.

On the other hand, if you want to work on your chest and shoulder muscles on the same day, it can be extremely hectic.

You might also face time and energy limitations as well. Also, divided attention will lead to no or less significant results.

The frequency of chest or shoulder day varies depending upon the level of training and your goals.

Final Thoughts

Do not forget the associated risks if you want to work on your shoulders after chest day.

You might not readily see a significant difference in performance, but over time, you will see a decline in your shoulder performance.

If you want to train both shoulder and chest together, get a proper workout plan with light isolation exercises with high reps to ensure you are not overtraining your shoulders.

Now, it’s your choice to plan your workout days. You can also seek help from a professional trainer.

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