How To Get Bigger Hands

how to get bigger hands

Do you want to know how to get bigger hands? We mean, is that even possible? We can tell you, it is. If you’re the skeptic type, you might want to take a look at this article and see it for yourself.

It’s about a guy named Brandon Allen who grew the size of his hand from 8 ½ to 8 7/8 inches, translating that achievement to his success over his football career. “The bigger, the better” — that’s what they said.

Brandon Allen’s even claimed that he’ll get 9 inches or above at his pro day. That statement made “getting bigger hands” a possibility for us mortals, we just have to figure out how — and that’s what this article is all about.

How To Get Bigger Hands? Exercise!

getting bigger handsHaving small “effeminate” hands is the last thing tough guys would want to have, and leaving it to genetics is not an option anymore.

Just like any other parts of the body that we have full control of, exercising and stretching is the best way to change the physiological nature of our hands. These hands of ours have muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments that we can work around to get our desired results.

And no, puberty isn’t the only option!

In this guide, you’ll learn different sequences on how to improve those “cute” hands by using a couple of exercises and stretches. These movements will help you activate the proper muscle groups, stretches them, and support their growth.

Things You’ll Need:

Wrist Hammer Curls

This exercise can develop the brachioradialis that inserts at the forearm’s distal aspect at the wrist. It helps you achieve greater hypertrophy for forearm balance and definition.

How to do it:

  1. Be in a seated position and keep your back straight.
  2. Place your forearm on your thighs.
  3. Point your thumbs in an upward position.
  4. Use a weight and go to a hammer position.
  5. Lift the weight up and down, back and forth.
  6. Do 3 sets and 20 reps.

Wrist Straight Curls

This is another arm and hand exercise for bigger hands. It helps strengthen and develop the flexor muscles. However, ensure forearms remain against the thighs for support and stability as well as isolation of the forearm musculature and wrist.

  1. Sit with your palms faced up and forearms on the thighs.
  2. Get a 5-20 lb weight.
  3. Start flexing your wrist upward.
  4. For a full motion range, keep your wrist up to four inches away from your knees.
  5. Repeat and do three sets and 20 reps.

If you want a video demonstration, see this — Hand, Wrist and Forearm Exercises

Reverse Wrist Curls

The exercise develops and strengthens the extensors. Do it to stretch widely the necessary muscles that will give you bigger hands.

  1. Be in a seated position.
  2. Keep your forearms on the thigh with your palms facing downward and your wrist about four inches from your knees.
  3. Hold the weight.
  4. Start with your wrist extending completely.
  5. Keep the palms facedown.
  6. Repeat the same procedure. Perform three sets and 20 reps.

**Tip: Don’t lift your elbows when extending your wrists.

Finger Curls

Develop hand and finger strength with this easy to do exercise with weights. For the best results, control the weight effectively in order to perform the exercise correctly.

  1. Sit down and hold a 5-20lb weight.
  2. Turn your hand, while keeping your palm facing upward and your wrist’s back on your thigh.
  3. Let the barbell or dumbbell roll down the fingers.
  4. Start curling your fingers back, while keeping a secured grip of the weight.
  5. Keep the wrist back against your thighs in the entire movement.

Pro Tips In Getting Bigger Hands

1. “Do Forearm Exercises Make the Hands Bigger” by Kristen Unger revealed that people could use hand exercise equipment. This tool, including resistance bands and grip strengtheners, will increase hand strength and size.

2. Hand massages are good for making bigger hands, according to the article “Brandon Allen Uses Hand Massages to Make Hands Bigger at 2016 NFL Combine” by Mike Chiari. This is because muscles get tighter the more we use our hands, so massaging them properly creates a relaxed and loosed physiology.

How To Get Bigger Hands: Alternatives

Finger Stretching

The range of motion can improve and pain relief would vanish with this simple routine.

  1. Put your hand palm-down on a flat surface, preferably on a table.
  2. Start straightening your fingers and make them as flat on the table. Do not force your joints, however.
  3. Hold the still position for up to a minute before releasing.
  4. Do the same procedure and repeat four times or more with each hand.

Grip Strengthening

Whether you’re an NFL pro or not, you need to strengthen your grip. This exercise helps you achieve just that! It lets you hold things securely without dropping them as you develop grip strength.

  1. Get a soft ball.
  2. Squeeze as hard as you can with your palm.
  3. Keep the position for as long as you can and then release.
  4. Repeat the same procedure on each hand, preferably up to 15 times.

**PRO TIP: Perform the grip strengthening exercise for up to thrice a week. Give your hands a rest for two days in between sessions. Do not perform the exercise if your thumb joint is in pain or is damaged.

Pinching or Plate Pinching Hulas

This exercise will work for you if you’re trying to get bigger hands. The lift will be targeting your thumbs’ growth.

  1. Pick 10lb plates with smoothened out sides.
  2. Put your thumb on one of the plate’s side. Your fingers must be on the other side.
  3. From left to right, pass the plates around your body.
  4. Repeat the same procedure in the opposite direction.

Strengthening Hand To Palm A Basketball

  1. Roll your wrists in circles (warm-up). Roll them right and left.
  2. Perform a “rubber ball” squeeze exercise for ten times on each hand. Increase resistance on the grippers.
  3. Do a rubber band exercise. Spread your fingers as far as possible. Do it 10 times for every hand.
  4. Do resistance band exercise. Wrap the bands around your hands and then step in the middle of it. Make sure your palms are facing upward.
  5. Start curling your fingers, wrist & hand upward the resistance and complete the movement 10 times.
  6. Get a basketball and palm it. Do it five minutes daily. You can develop your strength as you perfect the technique.

Making A Fist

This simple exercise strengthens both your hands and fingers. It also provides pain relief from exhausting workouts and increases motion range for better reps and sets. In this alternative way on how to get bigger hands, you must stretch hard but make sure you’re not feeling pain.

  1. Make a fist. See to it you’re wrapping your thumb across your fingers.
  2. Pause in the position for up to one minute.
  3. Release it and spread your fingers as wide as you can.
  4. Go back to starting position. Repeat the exercise for both hands and do it four times.


As we have found out, our hand muscles can still improve even if our bones won’t grow bigger and longer once they’re settled — we just have to target them through specific movements!

Anyone looking to strengthen their grip or grow their hands little inches more should definitely try these methods!

For safety, consult your doctor and a coach for proper form and technique in some exercises. Try these techniques on how to get bigger hands today!

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