How To Get A Jiggly Butt – Key Exercises To Get A Soft And Round Booty

How To Get A Jiggly Butt

A jiggly butt used to be considered a negative. But over the last several decades that perspective has shifted. Having a healthy, well-formed backside with a bit of jiggle is the aim of anyone working on their physique.

How do you get one? It is all about targeted workouts.

Three Parts of The Butt

Three Parts of The Butt

The first thing you need to know is that the junk isn’t all in the same trunk. The backside is made up of three different parts, each one its own muscle group:

  • Gluteus Minimus – Located in the hips, the gluteus minimus is a set of secondary muscles responsible for extending, turning and moving the hip joints and femur. You use these muscles when walking, extending your hips and other related movements.
  • Gluteus Medius – A thick, broad muscle located on the upper part of the buttocks, you use this muscle when you walk or run.
  • Gluteus Maximus – The largest of the three muscles, it has the least amount of function. However, it is the gluteus maximus that makes up most of the shape of the buttocks. Think of it as the “meat” of your butt.

What People Do Wrong

The biggest mistake people make is not properly working all three gluteal muscles. Each has to be worked to get the shape (and jiggle) you want.

Neglecting one will make the others less toned, which could make your butt look flabby or flat.

Another mistake is not working in other areas of the body.

For example, consider the waist. What does a better waist definition have to do with a better-shaped butt? It helps to accentuate the overall shape of the body, making the backside stand out more. Toned thighs and legs also help to underline the work done on the posterior.

Don’t neglect your full body routine!

Booty Friendly Exercises Using Only Your Body Weight

When it comes to working that behind, not all exercises are created equal. Machines that claim to manipulate the glutes are somewhat effective, but they are limited.

Most only work one muscle group, meaning you have to work three times as hard for the results you would see with a better-rounded fitness regime.

These three moves are must-adds to your exercise circuit if you really want to maximize your gluteus maximus (and the other gluteal sectors).

Key Exercises To Achieve A Jiggly Butt

Exercises To Achieve A Jiggly Butt

1. Squats And Their Many Variations

Simple squats are great for strengthening glute muscles. Start by performing a basic squat. This can be done by sitting back into an imaginary chair. Your feet should be hip-width apart, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and in line with your toes (not extending past the toe).

Keep your back straight as you sit back. Push back up into a standing position by squeezing your rear and lifting with your butt/thigh muscles.

More variations of the squat include the following:

  • The Sumo Squat
  • Single Leg Squat
  • Plyometric Squats

To increase your muscle building abilities, add weights to any of these options. This forces the body to use more stabilizing muscles.

It will also push your glutes to lift more weight than just what your body has to offer. This results in tearing down muscle which your body will repair (and increase in size).

If you don’t have any weights, no problem. Lift buckets of water, use resistance bands or hang onto a grocery bag with a few cans in it.

Weights not for you?

Try squat jumps: bend down into the squat position, jump, then straighten. Repeat for your chosen set of reps.

While it isn’t quite as effective as weighted squats, it is an improvement on the plain move and promotes more muscle growth.

For those who have bad knees, squats can be modified by placing yourself against a wall and moving down with support. To get more from the move, hold the position on the down bend for up to a minute before moving back up. Repeat the move as desired.

2. Frog Jumps

Great for the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, this move is perfect for really shaping that butt. It works by using forward and backward movement to extend beyond stationary moves.

As a plyometric exercise, it works by causing tiny tears in the muscle that have to be repaired, building them up in the process.

To perform the move, you widen your stance beyond hip width. Bend down, so you are sitting into a squat position. Then with an explosive push, you propel yourself forward, straighten, then do the same as you jump backward.

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3. Single Leg Hip Raise

Floor exercises are great for building up the glutes because they offer greater stability. You can test the limits of your flexibility without worrying about losing your balance.

This allows you to really extend each move to the limit, leading to better results.

The single leg hip raise is one of those moves, taking advantage of the leverage of the floor. You may want to use an exercise mat for this exercise, though it is optional.

Lay with your back flat on the floor, feet pressed on the ground a shoulder-width apart. In a controlled movement, lift one leg into the air or rest the ankle of the lifted leg on the opposite knee.

Pressing your planted foot into the ground and leaving both shoulders flat on the floor, raise your hips until your planted leg’s knee reaches a 90-degree angle. Squeezing the glutes, slowly lower your hips to the floor.

Repeat 10-15 times and then switch legs. If this move results in knee pain, switch to a regular hip raise, leaving both feet planted on the ground while raising and lowering your hips.

4. A Word About Diet

It doesn’t just exercise that dictates the shape of your rear. Diet is an important part of any fitness routine. The right foods will give you a good jiggly booty; the wrong ones will give you a more unpleasant version.

Luckily, the rules are simple:

  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables (think of a rainbow) while avoiding processed and packaged foods.
  • Keep carbs complex and rich in fiber, such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, and whole grain breads.
  • Eat plenty of proteins, such as chicken and pork. A high protein diet is important for building muscle.
  • Get enough healthy fats from sources like fish, nuts, seeds and plant oils.
  • Avoid added sugars.
  • Drink plenty of water.

You will notice that the above dietary advice is pretty standard for eating clean. That is the point! A clean eating routine is one of your best tools for developing healthy muscles and a beautiful physique.

By fueling your body with whole foods, you’re giving yourself more sustainable energy for accomplishing the tough workouts you’ll need to perform to see a transformation in your body.

There is no magic bullet here. Treating your body with respect and working each of the muscle groups is what you need to get the body you have always dreamed of. Including a jiggly butt.

How To Get A Jiggly Butt
How To Get A Jiggly Butt - Key Exercises To Get A Soft And Round Booty

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