Is It Bad To Do Squats Every Day?

Is It Bad To Do Squats Every Day

Squats are the type of exercise that can be done virtually anywhere – outside, inside, in the gym, on the mat. Now, will do them every day do you any good? Well, that depends. It depends on how much effort you put, what type of squats you are doing, and how intense are your reps.

By reading this, you can get a clear idea that answering whether or not doing squats every day will be hard. Anyhow, we’ll go into detail and cover every aspect. Plainly speaking, a regular person will still reap the benefits if he (or she) performs squats on a regular basis.

How “Squats” Work?

Squats strain your abdominal and leg muscles quite a lot. Performing regular squats often wears out the one performing the exercise, so we notice that not everyone can squat every day. For instance, people with low leg endurance won’t be able to, and they’ll surely end up with muscle cramps sooner or later.

Furthermore, squats straighten out your lower back muscles. This is one of the reasons why some people advocate taking pauses between days when you do squats. The lower back muscle group is extremely sensitive, as it (literally) controls your balance and movement. You can imagine what will happen if you damaged this muscle group.

Anyhow, since our question was “Is it bad to do squats everyday”, we’ll talk about the benefits of squats, the best, and the worst case scenarios. You’ll be the judge of the outcome and risk, and whether or not you will take it.

is it bad to do squats everyday

Benefits Of Doing Squats

First of all, there’s the issue of your motivation. Surely you know that doing squats is hard, so it’s best to see what are the benefits of doing squats:

  • A major boost in strength, especially legs

Squats, just like any regular exercise, will pump up your muscles. This will result in a major boost of strength which will be pretty clear after a couple of weeks.

  • Muscle definition

Doing squats will define the outward appearance of your muscles. Plainly speaking, your legs and lower back muscle group will look better (in all aspects). Even though there are certain exercises that are better suited for muscle building, squats are great for muscle definition.

  • Posture improvement

You’ll feel most of the burn in your lower body – lower back and legs, but your spine will also reap the benefits of squats. If you’re doing the exercise properly, your back will get used to the pressure and naturally adapt to it. This will have a better posture as a result.

  • Ideal for warm-up

Can’t think of a good exercise to begin your warm-up training? Squats are perfect for warm-ups, and most trainers suggest that you perform at least several reps. If this gets dull for you, combine squats with push-ups.

  • Efficiently burn fat

Simply doing the exercise doesn’t burn that much fat away as the post-training part. Once you’re done with your squats, your cardiovascular activity will change, balancing your fat levels and leaving you with pure muscles and power.

  • Cellulite remover

You might’ve already known, but everyone can build muscles that resemble the ones that big guys have in action movies. The problem is that cellulite prevents those muscles from appearing. Doing squats will easily take care of this problem.

  • Improve your mobility

The flexibility of your joints will greatly improve after several weeks of doing squats. You will notice this as soon as the burn wears off, and you’ll do your future reps with greater ease.

squats every day

What Are Your Options?

Well, you can do squats every day, or you can take a break every once in a while. We suggest that you stick to the regime that makes you feel comfortable, but you can always consult with some of the options we had in mind:

  • Do Squats Every Other Day

If doing squats everyday seems like too much for you, you should take a break after a day of hard squatting. You’ll be experiencing pain and muscle cramps, but you can take care of that with proper diet and regular protein intake.

Doing squats everyday will make you feel like you’re used to the pain, but it will be very hard to people who’re not accustomed to harsh training regimes. This is the best course of action for amateur athletes and casual trainees.

  • Do Them Whenever You Feel Like It

This option is directly opposite of “doing squats everyday”. Doing them whenever you feel like will take away the pain and struggle, but you’ll eventually feel inert and lazy. However, it’s better to feel lazy than to burn your muscles out.

There are a time and place for everything, and giving up is not the answer. Perhaps, doing squats whenever you feel like it will be a good alternative until your spirits are back up.

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What Happens When You Go Overboard?

Now, this is the main question. What will happen when you do squats everyday? People often think that this is too much, and even some of the strongest people mix up their training routines, avoiding squats along the way.

We’ll talk about the best and worst case scenarios so that you can know what to expect if you’ve set your mind on doing squats every single day.

  • The Best Case Scenario

In the best case scenario, you’ll feel tired like you’ve never felt before, but you’ll avoid back and leg injury. Doing squats everyday (especially if you’re not doing the exercise properly) will put a massive pressure on your back, which is usually a painful experience.

People who’re lucky enough will get by unscathed by these ailments, as they notice that something’s off in time and correct their mistakes.

Eating healthy, taking a break from time to time, and efficient rest will ensure that you can do squats everyday without risking an injury or too much pain.

  • The Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario isn’t as dramatic as it may seem in the first place. Nothing major will happen, apart from cramped muscles and pain. Actually, the worst case scenario includes that you stagnate with your exercises.

Most people learn how much they can (or can’t) do once they’ve rested for a while. Your muscles regenerate during the night, but they need some time to realize that they’ve been through quite a show before your body will receive the signal that it’s time to hit up a greater goal.

Stagnation is definitely something you want to avoid, as it’s the sheer definition of productivity. Every person who exercises wants to grow, and there are situations when that’s impossible – be it an injury or stagnation.

Final Verdict

We’ve come to the point where we pass on the final verdict. So, will squatting everyday be beneficial? Yes – if you know how to mix up your routines, squatting everyday will grant you rewards beyond measure. Do regular squats for several days, then you can perform weighted squats.

If that’s not doing the trick, combine squats with push-ups. All in all, you want to avoid stagnation and burning yourself out. Squats are considered to be one of the most fatiguing exercises, so you should only consider doing them every single day if your body is ready.

Anyhow, we’ve already mentioned what’s the best (and worst) thing that could happen, so it’s up to you to see whether it’s worth it or not.

Is It Bad To Do Squats Every Day?

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