7 Benefits Of The Frog Jump Exercise

Benefits Of The Frog Jump Exercise

Many of us have set up or are starting to set up some fitness goals. We either want to lose weight, tone and define existing muscles or just add strength to our lower bodies. By doing this, we are improving our overall fitness performance.

Being able to find an exercise that is multi-faceted is a plus because carving out time for a workout is sometimes hard to do. This way you are working on multiple areas with one exercise. When working on improving your lower body, one exercise that stands out is the frog jump exercise.

There are so many amazing benefits of the frog jump exercise. Here are the top reasons you must try it!

1. Tone Your Lower Body

This effective exercise really tones up your legs and thighs! A regular squat helps target these muscles.

The frog jump exercise is a compound movement, a movement that requires motion at more than one joint and involves multiple muscle groups, makes this exercise rise to the next level.

When you add the propelling motion of the jump, you are activating all of these power muscles. By doing this, you are toning each one of these individual muscles! Strengthening these muscles will help you jump higher or power up some tough hills when running or cycling.

2. Butt Blaster

If you complete the frog jump exercise correctly, these are a total killer on your glutes! After a few reps, you will be feeling it and will continue to feel it for days to come.

Since this exercise is a plyometric exercise, it really shocks your muscles causing micro-tears, which are required to promote muscle growth.

When you are in the down position, your muscles start to relax until you leap up in a quick, fast motion. The frog jump exercise awakens each muscle and does not allow recovery until the set is completed. This continued exercise results in toned glutes to be proud of!

3. Make you have the best posture

If you try to make sure you are standing with perfect posture at all times, it can cause someone to get very tired.

A frog jump exercise, along with a few other types of exercises, helps to train your body to maintain your posture in certain means.

When you squat down to about 90 degrees to start a frog jump exercise, your back should remain straight, with your chest out.

Keep this position throughout the squat down and even when you thrust up to the sky. Maintaining this position will allow you to train your body to maintain the correct posture at all times, even when you are not exercising.

4. Free Workout

People tend to try a bunch of new gyms to see which has the best price, making sure you are not locked into an extensive contract.

Or we look for a place where you can get the most for your money and has the better policies and procedures.
Often we are found wondering about a new gym as our search never seems to be complete.

The frog jump exercise is unique and allows you to complete a full lower body without any equipment or gym membership. You can do these in your home, outside, or even in a park. These are a great addition to any workout and the best part, they are FREE and you do not need a gym to do them.

5. Helps to Improve Cardio

For the frog jump exercise, you must yield a lot of power in each burst! By driving upwards in each jump, you are increasing your heart rate and also your breathing rate. Your cardiovascular system works harder during this type of exercise due to the multiple muscles that are being used at the same time.

By doing a few reps of these one right after the next, you will be getting your heart rate sky high and your lungs burning. Frog jump for about 30 seconds straight to burn out your legs, and then rest for 15 seconds before repeating to do another set.

6. Calorie Burn

benefits frog jump exercise

The frog jump exercise maximizes your calorie burn throughout the entire exercise. This intense exercise uses a great deal of energy to be completed effectively.

By getting your heart rate up, you are shocking your system, burning more calories than you would with a regular exercise like an overhead press, bicep curl, or other stationary exercises.

With your whole body being challenged, intervals using this amount of energy, demands a high rate of burned calories. You also get to enjoy the burn effect where you continue burning calories even after the exercise is finished.

7. Improves Athletic Performance

Most sports request the same type of athletic prowess that a frog jump exercise demands.

This exercise helps improve these skills:

  • Improve your times
  • Speed
  • Strength

By building more powerful legs, glutes, and thighs, you will be able to use that strength in your sporting event. The frog jump exercise works the hip flexion and the extension movements build up the muscles needed.

Plyometric exercises are used by many athletes who are coached by the top trainers out there. Therefore, this type of exercise is one that serves to boost your overall ability.

Your Body Benefits!

By now the frog jump exercise should be at the top of your workout priority list. We recommend that you begin with 15 seconds of continuous jumps with a 30 seconds rest in between each set. Once you are comfortable, raise your jumps to 30 seconds with a 15 second rest in between.

This exercise has an array of benefits that can help an athlete hit their goals and give them a chance for peak performance. It requires you to maximize the power in your lower body, which increases your calories burned and improves your cardiovascular system.

Hopefully, you will be able to give this exercise a try for yourself and enjoy the full benefits of what it has to offer.

7 Benefits Of The Frog Jump Exercise

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