6 Tips For Involving Dog In Your Fitness Routine

Tips For Involving Dog In Your Fitness Routine

Regardless of your fitness goals this year, you shouldn’t go at it alone. It helps to have a reliable partner by your side who can help make the journey less arduous.

Apart from your fitness coach or a friend from the gym, you can also involve your dog in your daily fitness habit.

Let’s look at a few reasons why dogs would be our best workout partners.

You need a workout boost

If you want to maximize your workout gains, having a pet around while you exercise can give you the extra push you need.

Just having your dog around during your workout routine makes the activity less difficult. You will feel more motivated to finish a single session.

Your dog also needs a good workout

It’s not only you who gets to experience better fitness. Dogs also need their fair share of exercise. Not only does it help them limber up, but exercise can provide dogs with mental stimulation.

Daily physical activity can help address certain behavior issues and provide your dog with an outlet for their pent-up energy.

With the right set of routines, your dog can also experience a decrease in the risk of obesity and other life-threatening conditions.

More variety in your workout

workout with dog

Over time, your workout routine becomes repetitive and bland. This will cause you to lose your enthusiasm.

If you want to stay on the right track towards your fitness goals, add a little variety by involving your dog.

Doing so will help you make your workout habit less of a ritual than an activity you can look forward to each day.

Do you want to know how you can make your dog the perfect workout partner? Check out these tips:

1. Know your dog’s fitness priorities

Before you get started on involving your dog in your workout program, you need to set fitness goals for them as well. From there, you can identify the best activities you can do together.

If you want your dog to lose weight, you can ask for recommendations from your veterinarian or look up tips from websites that are dedicated to pet fitness.

Make sure to factor in your dog’s breed, weight, age, and other details that can affect their performance during a session.

You wouldn’t want to pick an activity that won’t match your pet’s energy and physicality.

2. Go for a walk around the neighborhood

Dogs love to walk and nothing gets them pumped than seeing you with a leash on your hand.

Not only does it allow them to experience new surroundings, but a walk around town can improve your dog’s muscles and bones. It’s also a great way to reduce obesity and improve their mood.

You can also benefit from the same if you take your dog for a walk. This simple activity can help lower your blood pressure and lose weight.

In addition, you also get to sleep better at night and improve your heart health. If you want to include walking in your fitness plan, consider picking the best and most scenic routes in your neighborhood.

3. Go swimming at a local pool

Swimming with dog

When it comes to building endurance and enhancing cardiovascular health, you can never go wrong with swimming. A 30-minute swim is enough to burn 250 calories.

It can also keep your body well-toned, increase your upper body strength, and reduce back fat.

For dogs, swimming can be a great activity for strengthening their muscles and enhancing their overall health. It also acts as an effective stress reliever.

If you keep your dog on a leash every day, consider taking them out on a swim so they can release excess energy.

Be sure to look for a pet-friendly pool where your dog can dip and dive to their heart’s content. Otherwise, you can take your dog to the beach where you can try out fun activities like surfing.

4. Take your bike out

Cycling is one of those activities that can do wonders for your body. On top of reducing stress levels, cycling can also improve joint function, enhance cardiovascular health, and increase your immunity.

Even if you have a busy schedule, spending at least 15 minutes on your bike should be enough to help you experience most of the benefits.

You just need to look for a bike that gives you maximum comfort. You can then simply strap a leash to your dog and let them lead.

You may need to start slow at first so you can go at the same pace. Over time, you might want to add speed. Eventually, you will have to release them from the leash and run alongside you.

5. Play frisbee

Dogs can’t resist catching frisbees. It’s fun and it also helps improve speed, muscle strength, agility, and reflex.

Playing frisbee can also give you a wide range of benefits. Apart from improving hand-eye coordination, a game of frisbee with your dog can also help you burn calories.

It also makes for an effective upper body workout since it engages your biceps and triceps. Be sure to pick a frisbee that’s made from latex.

Plastic ones can easily break and the shards could injure your dog’s mouth. Pick a wide-open space where you can play all sorts of frisbee games. It would be best if you can find a dog park or an open field.

6. Get the right amount of food

Your workout program should also come with the right diet, so consider looking for a meal plan that’s in line with your fitness goals and can boost your performance.

This also applies to your dog. If you involve your dog in your fitness routine, make sure to give them a meal plan that’s right for their needs.

If you want to focus on helping your dog to lose weight, you may want to serve them natural Earthborn Holistic dog food that contains organic ingredients without the added fat.

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