Can You Take Creatine While On Accutane?

can you take creatine while on accutane

Accutane is a powerful medicine prescribed for skin issues. Due to the complex mechanism of action, it is given as a solo drug, as there are chances of side effects.

Most people are confused about taking creatine while on Accutane. Is it safe or a health hazard?

Some studies say that taking creatine and Accutane can pose some serious health risks. Let’s see how to avoid side effects when you take creatine while on Accutane.

This article will give you a better understanding of the possible side effects of taking creatine while on Accutane and the safe ingredients while on Accutane.

Can You Take Creatine While On Accutane?

There is no clear evidence that you shouldn’t take creatine while on Accutane.

Accutane and creatine have different routes in your body but seem to have interference. Accutane is absorbed in the liver while Creatine enters the kidney directly.

Accutane and creatine are known to put pressure on the liver and cause water retention. Accutane is a potent drug containing vitamin A, which can cause back pain or trigger joint pain.

On the other hand, creatine also causes cramping as a side effect. Taking the two together can cause some risk of body aches.

To keep yourself safe from unexpected health issues, it is advised not to have supplements while on Accutane. Rely on natural resources as a substitute for creatine supplements when taking Accutane.

Supplements To Take On While On Accutane

Supplements To Take On While On Accutane

It is better to avoid supplements or any medication with vitamin A, as it might result in some counter-reaction.

But there are comparatively safer options that can help in increasing muscle mass and energy to perform.

  • Zinc is considered a great micronutrient to take along with Accutane.
  • Acidophilus is present in some dairy products and safe to use while on Accutane.
  • Multivitamins with ingredients B, C, and E vitamins are effective with retinoids.

Supplements with the above-mentioned ingredients are effective in increasing muscle mass and improving the body’s immunity.

Accutane And Creatine Side Effects

If you are taking creatine and Accutane together, you might experience side effects. Both have the following common significant health hazards.

Liver toxicity

Taking creatine over a long period is known to cause liver issues. Creatine is present in the liver where it is absorbed.

While Accutane reaches the liver at the same time as creatine. This is how chances of liver toxicity and damage occur.

Liver toxicity makes you more prone to liver diseases like hepatitis.

Water Retention

Creatine causes water retention that results in dry skin. Most people experience severe dehydration when they take creatine while on Accutane.

Accutane is a treatment for any, and it works by shrinking pores and reducing the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands.

Both the ingredients when taken together can reduce the effectiveness of Accutane due to the water retention caused by creatine.

Consume more fluids to keep up with your hydration levels.

How To Protect The Liver While On Accutane?

By now, you already know that Accutane makes your liver sensitive and can result in some threatening health issues. Monitor your general health and liver to know about any changes.

You can still keep your liver healthy by maintaining weight. Consume less fats and carbs to avoid fatty liver.

  • Take protein-rich foods instead of supplements.
  • Exercise can also help in preventing muscle cramping.
  • Drink water and add other fluids to your routine.
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Take care of your hygiene.

what Should You Consider Before Taking Creatine While On Accutane?

can you take creatine on accutane

Accutane is the most prescribed drug for cystic acne. However, due to the side effects, it is advised not to take creatine while on Accutane.

Or you should consider these points to minimize the chances of health risks.

Consult A Physician

If your dermatologist has already prescribed you Accutane, refrain from taking any supplement with the advice of a healthcare professional.

Accutane is a potent drug and may interfere with the absorption of a supplement and other medication. Also, it can have some health risks as well.

A physician can analyze your current health status and determine what supplement and dosage you can take while on Accutane.

Beware of Side Effects

Creatine and Accutane both have some side effects separately. You need to know them first, and then what are the potential risks if you take creatine while on Accutane.

Different people can experience varied side effects. However, some common ones are dehydration, cramping, gastrointestinal discomfort, and disturbance.

Consider Your Goals

First of all, define your fitness goals. It gives you clarity on the requirement of supplements for muscle building and performance.

Consider your goals and decide with the help of a doctor whether to take creatine while on Accutane.

Explore Alternatives

If you are still not sure about taking creatine while on Accutane, find some safer alternatives.

You can find some reliable alternatives of creatine that have more or less the same benefits with lesser potential risks.

Monitor Your Health

Despite the side effects, if you decide on taking creatine while on Accutane, monitor your overall health, specifically liver functioning.

You may fall prey to any serious health risk without keen observance and monitoring.

Keep track of your dermal health, hydration status, and gastrointestinal activity, in case of any disturbance or unusual changes, report to the doctor immediately.


So, can you take creatine on Accutane? It depends.

Accutane, a powerful medication for severe acne, may pose potential risks and side effects on the liver.

Creatine, a popular supplement for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, also has some impact on the kidneys and liver.

You should consult healthcare professional to specify your health status, considering factors such as liver function tests and overall medical history, to provide personalized guidance.

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