11 Resistance Band Exercises For Your Arms

Resistance Band Exercises For Your Arms

Are you interested in knowing some new resistance band exercises to freshen up your current home workout routine?

There has been a huge demand for resistance bands globally in recent year. Part of the reason is that we have to spend most of our time at home due to the pandemic.

Still, the main reason is that resistance bands are great for just anywhere – at home or the gym.

This article will cover some effective resistance band exercises for your arms.

So you can do with this little piece of equipment, including ‘old but gold’ exercises and new and improved versions.

11 Resistance Band Exercises For Arms

The list below includes 11 of the most effective resistance band workout exercises to reduce arm fat and strengthen your muscles.

11 Resistance Band Exercises For Arms

1. Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls With Resistance Bands

The bicep curl is one of the easiest yet effective exercises you can do with a resistance band.

There are many ways to pull off a bicep curl, and here’s the most common technique.

Sit on a chair with the resistance band tucked under your left foot, and hold it with your right hand.

Or you can stand to hold it with both hands and tuck the resistance band under both feet.

Try to focus on your bicep muscles and use them to pull the band up toward your shoulder.

While doing so, your upper arm should stay very still; you ought to keep the elbow right underneath your shoulder and pressed against your body.

Slowly release the hold and return to the starting position.

A set should last 15-20 repetitions (reps), depending on your durability. Once you’re done with one side, switch to the other.

2. Front Pull Apart

This exercise focuses mostly on your shoulder muscles.

Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, then hold the resistance band with both hands.

Keep the arms straight in front of your body and parallel to the ground, with palms facing the floor.

Now, pull the band towards your body, engaging the shoulder and back muscles.

While performing this exercise, maintain a neutral posture, focus on the back muscles, and use them to freely move your shoulder blades freely.

Then, slowly return to start, return arms to center, and that counts as one rep.

3. Tricep Kickback

Tricep Kickback Resistance Band

The key to feeling a good tricep kickback is to have a good back posture.

Start by slightly bending your knees and hinging your upper body forward.

Place the band under your feet while standing hip-width apart; put your hands by the ribs while holding each handle of the resistance band.

While engaging your core with a flat back, bend your arms to 90 degrees, then straighten the elbows until the arms are fully prolonged behind.

Pause for about 2 seconds, and return to the initial pose. You can tilt your torso 30 – 45 degrees to keep balance; this is optional.

The most important thing to remember is keeping your spine straight the entire time to fully engage your muscles and feel the burn in your triceps muscle.

4. Seated Double Arm Row

Sit up straight with your legs extended. You can sit on the ground or on a bench, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Make a few loops out of the resistance band around your right foot and hold the ends with your hand on both sides.

You’re ready to start the exercise once your arms are fully extended. Chest out, keep back straight, and shoulders rolled back.

Bend your elbow with your hand, pulling the band backward until your arm reaches your ribs, then slowly release to feel the burn and turn back to start position.

That counts as one rep. Do 15 reps for 3 sets.

5. Overhead Resistance Band Stretch

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and hold each end of the band with both hands.

Then, with your arms fully extended, raise the band over your head.

It is highly advisable to keep your hands about 5 – 6 inches apart from each other for the needed tension.

Pull your arms apart while having the elbows straight, then slowly return to start pull-down each side equal with your shoulders.

6. Triceps Reach

Start by standing with your feet together.

Brace the abdominal muscles, and hold one end of the band in your left hand. Have the left arm positioned right in the middle of your back, elbows bent.

Grab the other end of the band with your right hand and keep it at shoulder height, aligned with your left hand.

Then, extend your right arm straight up above your head, making the band taunt.

Pause for a bit, then lower your forearm back down to shoulder height to complete a rep.

Do 12 reps on one side and repeat on the other.

7. Single-Arm Front Raise

Stand straight, feet wide apart, shoulder-width. Grab both ends of the band in two hands, then step on the center of the band.

Pull up, initiate through the shoulder, and try to pack your shoulder blades down to avoid excess movements on your shoulder blades as you squeeze.

The motion here should be slow and controlled.

The goal is not to get the band as high as possible but to whatever level that makes you feel comfortable while still engaging your biceps.

Try to keep your arm at shoulder height for at least one second before putting it back down.

8. Staggered Stance Resistance Band Row

Stand with your right foot in front of your left foot, making a staggered stance. Broaden your stance enough, so you feel comfortable.

Place the band under your right foot, and hold both ends of the band with both hands.

Bend your right knee slightly and hinge forward at the hip so your core is engaged and your back is straight.

This posture is quite similar to the tricep kickback, the only difference being where you put your feet.

Now, fully extend your arms down toward your right foot. It’s common to feel some tension from the band in this position.

Pull your hands to your torso while keeping the elbows, forearms, and hands aligned with your rib cage.

Then, return to the initial position by extending your arms, and that counts as a repetition.

When you’re done with all the repetitions on one side, switch to the other side by having your left foot staggered forward.

9. Bow and Arrow

This exercise looks rather easy, but the muscle pain that occurs once you’re done with one set will prove its effectiveness!

Stand with your feet hip-width apart; whenever you’re in this position, engage your core!

Hold each end of the resistance band with each hand, then raise both hands to chest height.

Next, extend your left arm to your left side, keeping your right hand even with your sternum.

You know you’re doing this right when your right hand is not crossing the midline of your body.

Adjust the tension if you must; this will be your starting position.

Now, pull your right hand away from its position to the same side (away from your left arm), just like when you’re drawing back an arrow.

Remember to have your elbow pointed out and lifted. Release, and this counts as a rep.

10. Lateral Raise

To do a lateral raise, start with standing with your knees bent slightly.

Make a staggered stance with the right foot forward and your left foot back in the tip-toe position. Or you can stand with feet hip-width.

Place the resistance band under your foot, then grab both ends with your hands.

Raise your hands outward to the sides until they’re parallel with the floor, palms facing down.

Slowly return to the starting position.

11. Band Curl To Press

Step on the middle of the band, with feet shoulder-width. Take a good grip on both handles (with an underhand grip).

Keep your entire core engaged and chest upright.

Curl the elastic bands towards your shoulders with your forearms. While doing this, try to keep your elbows close to the sides of your rib cage.

Once the bands are at your shoulders, twist your wrists and press the bands overhead.

Slowly lower your arms, flip the palms, and get back to the starting positions.


Are you ready to try out these resistance band exercises for your arms? Try out our 11 exercises today, and let us know how you feel in the comment section.

After all, what’s better than training your way to the best version of yourself with a resistance band?

The benefits of using a resistance band are great, but it only works when you know how to use one properly.

If you have never used such a band before, it is advisable to do some research on how to use one safely.

11 Resistance Band Exercises For Your Arms

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