How Long Does It Take For Pre-Workout To Kick In?

how long does it take for pre workout to kick in

Are you someone who is constantly striving to push yourself to the limit in the gym? Do you want to take your workout game to the next level? ‘

If so, you’ve probably heard of pre-workout supplements.

These supplements claim to enhance your energy, focus, and performance during exercise, and they have become increasingly popular in the fitness world.

However, if you’re new to the world of pre-workouts, you may have questions about how they work, how long they take to kick in, and what factors can impact their effectiveness.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into pre-workout supplements and explore the different active ingredients in them.

We’ll also discuss how these ingredients work together to deliver the desired effects and examine the factors influencing pre-workout supplements’ onset time.

How Long Does Pre-Workout Take To Kick In?

When consuming your pre-workout before a workout, you’ll start to feel the effects within minutes, but that also depends on the type of supplement you’re consuming.

If it is a caffeine-based supplement, it may take 30 minutes, but that is also true for pre-workouts based on creatine and beta-alanine. It depends on how your body handles the ingredients.

The true effects start to kick in during the “peak time”. This is when the body has absorbed all of the ingredients in the supplement and are now circulating throughout.

Active Ingredients In Pre-Workout Supplements?

Active Ingredients In Pre-Workout Supplements

Below are some of the most active ingredients in pre-workout supplements that will provide a noticeable effect during their training.


For it to have an effect, it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes for the “peak concentration” to reach your blood.

Caffeine’s effect can last between 3 and 5 hours; even after hours, some of the caffeine you consume would be in your system.


For beta-alanine to kick in, a window of 20 to 30 minutes is required.

But if you mismanage the use of beta-alanine, as in consuming it in small doses or using it for an extended period, you may not be able to experience its after-effects.


It acts as a relaxant that eases the blood vessels and allows more blood to pass through. More oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the muscles as more blood flows.

For the peak effects of L-Arginine to be felt, a study states that 1 hour is to be experienced.

When To Take Pre-Workout And When Not To?

To experience the full benefits of the supplements, one must consume the pre-workout supplement approximately half an hour before the workout.

That way, the effects of the ingredients can kick in and last until you complete your workout.

It’s better to take pre-workout supplements early rather than late, as the effects need some time to kick in for one to achieve the most benefits.

The ideal time to consume pre-workout is exactly before you start your workout, 20-30 mins before your training.

If you wish to avoid being pumped up throughout the night, be cautious about how late you take your pre-workout.

If you consume your pre-workout too near tonight, it may disturb your sleep, causing an alteration in your regime.

This isn’t healthy when the only reason you consume the pre-workout is to gain energy. Always follow as instructed on the packaging and consult a doctor before use.

Consuming Pre-Workout On Empty Stomach

 how long does pre workout take to kick in

Do you remember when you drank that cup of coffee without eating anything?

Well, that’s how you’ll feel when you take pre-workout supplements on an empty stomach. You’ll begin to feel light-headed, accompanied by jitters.

It’s better to have a small meal almost an hour before you start your workout.

Not only will this eliminate the side effects one may experience when consuming pre-workout on empty stomach, but a surplus of calories will also help you push through your rigorous workout.

On the flip side, if you worry that consuming pre-workout on empty stomach may lead to a reduced effective outcome.

So you should try to avoid foods rich in fiber as they can slow down digestion, which will prevent carbs from getting into the bloodstream faster.

How Long Does Pre-Workout Last?

When all is said and done, there will always be a question at the end, ”How long does it take for pre-workout to kick in” and “How long will it last.”

The pre-workout solution kicks in depending on the state of the body and the ingredients of the pre-workout, mostly the ingredient’s half-life.

For example, if a person is less responsive to stimulants, then that person would probably experience the effects of the supplements during the next 6 or 7 hours, as it may range from 45 minutes to 3-6 hours.

But if a person is responsive to the stimulants, they may feel the effects of the stimulants for more than 6 hours.

Factors such as body weight and the amount of caffeine in pre-workout supplements are also important.

So to put it simply, pre-workout remains in your system for 6 hours at most.

Tips For Optimizing Pre-Workout Supplement Effectiveness

How Long Does Pre-Workout Last

Optimising pre-workout supplement effectiveness involves taking certain steps to ensure the supplement works as efficiently as possible.

Here are some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements:

Follow Recommended Dosage

It’s important to follow the recommended dosage of your pre-workout supplement, as taking too little or too much can impact its effectiveness.

Take It On Empty Stomach

Taking pre-workout on an empty stomach can help to improve absorption and enhance the supplement’s effects.

Allow Time For Absorption

Pre-workout supplements take time to be absorbed by the body, so it’s important to allow enough time for this process to occur before starting your workout.

Maintain Water Intake

Pre-workout might cause you to get dehydrated, therefore it’s crucial to drink water before and during your exercise to get full benefits from the supplement.

Choose The Right Supplement For Your Needs

Different pre-workout supplements contain different ingredients, so it’s important to choose a supplement that is tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals.

Cycle Your Use

Over time, the body can become accustomed to the effects of pre-workout supplements, so it’s a good idea to cycle your use of these supplements to prevent tolerance from developing.

Can Cause Insomnia

Avoid consuming pre-workout supplements close to the time when you fall asleep as it may cause insomnia.

By following these tips, you can optimize the effectiveness of your pre-workout supplement and get the most out of your workouts.

However, it’s important to remember pre-workout should use in conjunction with a healthy diet and daily exercise routine and should not be relied on as the sole means of improving athletic performance.


The time takes for pre-workout supplements to kick in can vary depending on various factors, including the type of supplement, its ingredients, and the individual’s metabolism.

Some pre workout supplements may take effect within 20-30 minutes, while others may take up to an hour.

It is important to note that while pre-workout can enhance performance, they should not be relied on as the sole means of improving athletic performance.

A healthy and balanced diet, adequate rest, and a consistent exercise routine are all essential to a successful fitness regimen.

Overall, pre-workout can be a valuable tool in enhancing athletic performance.

Still, it is important to approach their use cautiously and clearly understand their potential benefits and risks.

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