Do Hand Grippers Increase Forearm Size?

Do Hand Grippers Increase Forearm Size

Physical fitness is an extensive exercise that involves different parts of the body.

Depending on your goal for workouts, there are basic training necessary to pave way for more intense body training sessions.

For instance, hand grippers are suitable to train your hands for proper gripping ability. However, the question has always been whether hand grippers increase forearm size.

Continue reading the article to learn how and the role of hand grippers in building the size of your forearms.

Do Hand Grippers Increase Forearm Size?

Indeed, hand grippers are suitable equipment for building your forearms, giving your finger, palm and wrist muscles the stimulus to remain firm and strong.

Continuous use of hand grippers stretches your muscles which leads to the multiplication of veins on your wrists and other forearm parts.

You should apply full motion and maximal force when using the equipment for effectiveness and better results.

Effective Use of Hand Grippers

do hand grippers build forearms

Even for beginners, hand grippers can lead to the immense growth of forearm muscles through proper gripper techniques and effective use of gripper protocols.

Depending on the type of gripper, some give you the opportunity to adjust the tension through the knob.

Effective use of hand grippers allows you to perform pull-ups and weight lifting correctly.

Gripper Techniques

Here’s 3 techniques to consider when gripper training:

Use a Full Range Of Motion

This refers to a complete process of squeezing hand grippers till they shut at each rep and wholly open at the end.

Ensure each rep begins from the gripper with your hand widely spread, and at the end, close the handles till they touch.

Follow the below tips to hold grippers properly and more effectively:

  • Hold the handle in a 45-degrees in your palm and not in a horizontal position for easy gripping by your pinky finger
  • The top of the device should be above your thumb to create enough space for squeezing the gripper.
  • Slightly place your fingers on the device for effective squeezing
  • Keep your fingers firm and together to build enough tension necessary for squeezing the hand gripper
  • Use your two hands to position the handles properly; then, withdraw the free hand used to set up the process.
  • Bring your pinky finger into action by using it to squeeze the gripper
  • While exercising, let the handles touch between reps.

Hold The Peak Contraction

With grippers in your hand, squeeze them and close the handles completely till they touch each other at the end of each rep.

Maintain this peak contraction point for about two seconds for each rep.

Apply Maximal Force

Using the maximum force on the grippers is critical and recommended for better outcomes.

Perform every set and session with focus and required energy. Practice peak contraction with adequate force and for a considerable amount of time.

Gripper Protocols

Gripper protocols are classified into five categories. They include:

High Reps

Generally, high reps help in increasing muscle endurance. It involves performing 15-20 reps per set.

High reps build your forearm muscles and strengthen the connective tissues within your hand. As a result, your forearm develops the right strength to lift objects over a given period.

Low Reps

Low reps induce mechanical stress on your forearm through the maximal release of force, leading to the breakdown of fast-twitch and slow-switch fibers.

Consequently, the hand muscles become bigger and suitable for holding grippers and other training equipment. Low reps range from 1-4 reps per set.

Eccentric Reps

As you plan to train, your hands need the eccentric ability to open and hold training equipment.

During eccentric reps, your muscles undergo intense contractions as they transition into a lengthened size.

This transition helps your palm develop a proper gripping ability that can last for quite a long time. You can effectively practice eccentric reps using both moderate and heavy resistance grippers for 4-5 seconds per set.

Drop Sets

A drop set is when you prepare to do a heavy resistance set, followed by lighter resistance reps.

Ideally, the process is to prepare hand muscles to produce enough strength and force necessary for gripping.

Conduct about 5-6 reps in a set for the heavy resistance gripper and follow it with as many reps of a lighter gripper as possible.

Isometric Reps

They are also referred to as isometric contractions. It involves the use of force to create resistance beyond any further movement.

That’s the same way you should squeeze the gripper handles together into a completely closed position.

After that, hold the handles together for about 20-30 seconds. Isometric reps build a level of support ability within your forearms.

A simple Training Routine On How To Build Your Forearms

grippers build forearms

You may need more than learning new gripper protocols to help you increase your forearm.

Therefore, putting the protocols into action while guided by a training schedule can significantly give you that desired outcome.

Below is a three-day sample program to help perform the protocols.

Day 1

Perform supra-maximal eccentric reps for three sets of 3-5 reps per set. Go for heavy resistance grippers, especially with loads that prove impossible for a complete rep practice.

Follow it by 2-3 sets of isometrics performances of a light-medium gripper. Let each set last 10-20 seconds once you hit the 20th-second move to the next load for the subsequent sets.

Day 2

Use moderate heavy resistance grippers involving 3-4 sets with 8-10 reps per set as you progress load at the end of each 10th rep.

Perform two sets of drop sets with many reps as possible. In the first set, use a heavy resistance rep of many reps as possible.

After that, drop the load by 25-50 percent and carry out the second set of number reps of your choice.

Day 3

Day three involves 3-4 sets of high reps with 15-20 reps. Practice with a heavier load for about 15 reps in a set. Add the load once you hit 20 reps.

Benefits Of Using Grippers To Build Your Forearms

Here are some of the benefits when you using grippers to build forearms:

  • Hand grippers prepare your hand muscles for general life usages other than training. Strengthening your muscles goes beyond forearm exercises to other hand grip activities.
  • Grippers create resistance and endurance to pains in your hand, which is necessary for quick and quality training.
  • Apart from your fingers, your palm and wrists muscles are also strengthened and hardened.
  • Hand grippers boost your energy and strength over time.
  • Grippers help in the production of different stimuli other than for forearm exercises.

Downsides of Using Grippers To Build Forearm

Even though there are several benefits of using grippers, there are a few drawbacks associated with hand grippers. They include:

  • There may need to be more than just grippers to give you an excellent result. Grippers are mainly involved in the movement of fingers and palms. They leave less impact on your wrist and other parts of your hand. This means you may experience slow progress in building your forearm as expected. You may opt to supplement additional training.
  • Gripping exercises can turn out to be boring. Despite their effectiveness, grippers need to be blended with other forearm training to break the boredom. The activity may be less fun when carried extensively for a long time.
  • It is an expensive exercise upfront. Generally, gripper training requires a wide range of grippers. Quality grippers are costly to purchase, yet they are needed at the beginning of the exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Grippers

Faqs Hand Grippers

What is the use of hand grippers?

Hand grippers train the fingers, palm, and wrist muscles to gain enough force and strength necessary for exercises of building forearms. In summary, grippers build forearms.

Can beginners use hand grippers?

In fact, for beginners, hand grippers are the best equipment to use in preparation for other training, such as weight lifting.

Can I use hand grippers daily?

Hand grippers can use daily but must be closely monitored by your gym instructor. Refrain from overusing the grippers. Use them within the right resistance level.

Should professionals do hand grippers?

Since most grippers are adjustable, even professionals can use grippers to train their forearms. The more you adjust the resistance level of grippers, the more force and motion are used.

Can hand grippers be used for warm-ups?

You may use hand grippers before your actual training sessions. Hand grippers act as pace setters as they prepare you for the next exercise.


Generally, grippers are among the best equipment to help you increase your forearm size. With proper exercise, grippers can provide more strength to your forearm muscles than any other training.

This equipment serves both beginners and professional lifters. In most cases, the grippers’ resistance levels are adjustable.

For practical use, follow the proper protocols with the aid of your fitness trainer.

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