Useful Healthy Hacks That Will Help You to Look Spectacular On Your Wedding Day

Useful Healthy Hacks On Your Wedding Day

If your wedding’s just around the corner, then you’re probably focused on improving your physical fitness so that you can look your best.

You won’t have another opportunity to take your wedding photos again, so you need to go out of your way to make sure that you look great.

The best way to improve your physical fitness and appearance is to start exercising, eating better, and getting more sleep.

However, if time’s running out and you don’t have time for a total lifestyle change and you’re looking for a few hacks, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can prepare for your wedding and improve your appearance as quickly as possible:

Toning Up

In the days (and even hours) leading up to your wedding, you should work out as hard as you possibly can. Pushing yourself in exercise will help you to build muscles and look your best on your wedding day.

Men can do push-ups in the hours leading up to their wedding, for a quick pump. Women can lift weights and perform other callisthenic exercises.

Toning up for your wedding is a fantastic way of making yourself look healthy, strong, and most importantly, fit. It’s also very easy, especially if you already regularly exercise.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

You also need to make sure that you eat as healthily as possible in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding. The reason for this is if you do not eat healthily then it will show on your face.

People with bad diets tend to have sallow complexions and bad skin. A healthy diet on the other hand can completely transform your appearance and make you look more youthful and healthy.

You should also try to drink a lot more water if you don’t drink a lot. A large percentage of the American population is chronically dehydrated at all times. Drinking more water can also improve your appearance.

Quality Sleep

You also need to make sure that you get as much rest as possible. If you aren’t sleeping properly, then it will also show on your face.

A lack of sleep can make your eyes look heavy and tired, your skin pale, and can make you look generally quite unattractive.

It’s completely natural to be anxious in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Anxiousness often causes insomnia and sleep conditions.

If you are struggling to sleep, then speak to your doctor and see what medications they can prescribe to aid you in sleeping.

Perfect Dress

One of the best ways of improving one’s appearance for their wedding is to buy a dress that hugs one’s figure and accentuates one’s features.

Dresses like the Jovani beaded wedding dress are very popular for this reason because they allow people to look their best.

The perfect dress can completely transform your appearance and make you look infinitely better.

It’s also important that the person you are marrying wears something that makes them look great, too. If you both don’t look your best, then your wedding photos will be ruined.

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is very important. Starting to exercise is a total lifestyle change, but it will benefit you for many years to come, and on your wedding day.

If you’ve got quite a while until your wedding, then regular exercise can definitely improve your appearance and transform how you look.

It can make you look leaner, fitter, and healthier. If you have already bought your wedding dress, you might not want to start exercising too much, however, because it could end up not fitting you if you lose a lot of weight.


If you have pale skin, then tanning is a very effective way of improving your appearance and giving yourself healthy color and a nice glow.

If you are going to go to a tanning salon, then make sure that you don’t overdo it. If you overdo it you could end up looking like an orange, which isn’t good at all.

You should speak to the tanning salon’s employees and explain to them that you just want to go a shade darker. Instead of spray tans, you could also try out a tanning bed.

It is worth remembering however that tanning beds are bad for your skin and increase your chances of developing melanoma or other skin cancers.

Cosmetic Surgery

Some cosmetic surgeries can be performed instantly and don’t leave scars or need that long to heal.

Depending on the part of your body that you are least pleased with, you could potentially arrange cosmetic surgery which will improve your appearance on your wedding day.

Lots of women have lip fillers put in on the day before their wedding because they give one’s lips a beautiful natural firmness.

Make sure that, as with tanning, you don’t overdo your lip fillers, however. If you overdo it then you can end up looking like you have balloons on your lips, which isn’t a good wedding day look!


practice meditation

Too much stress isn’t good for anybody. The best way to de-stress in the run-up to your wedding is to practice meditation, breathing exercises and focus on having the best day possible.

If you worry too much about your wedding, then you’ll get stressed out and will end up being unable to sleep. You might even end up messing your diet up.

If you are extremely stressed out, then speak to your doctor. As with sleep, they might be able to prescribe some kind of medication designed to help you relax.


Finally, make sure that you look your best on your wedding day! Hire a professional to do your makeup. If you try to do it yourself you could mess it up out of stress.

You can hire professional women’s make-up designers, who specialize in wedding makeup.

Make sure that you conduct extensive research beforehand so that you can be sure they are qualified and fit for the job.

Final Thought

If you want to look spectacular on your wedding day, then you need to get in good shape. There are many ways that you can do this on short notice, from toning up to having cosmetic surgery performed.

You make sure to consider all of these points in the run-up to your wedding so that you have the best day possible.

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