How Much Does The Sled Of A Leg Press Machine Weigh?

leg press machine weight

One of the most popular leg exercises in a gym is the leg press machine. It builds quads and hamstrings, but also glutes and calves. This making it an essential workout machine for leg workout programs.

It’s also a great alternative or an addition to any squat movements. The biggest benefit is the fact that we can load the pressing movement as much as we want.

We can progress and add to the leg press machine weight with every workout. But one of the biggest mysteries in every gym is how much does a leg press weigh?

To be more precise, you want to know the weight of the sled on the machine to better track your progress. We’ll answer that in this article.

How Much Does A Leg Press Weigh?

How Much Does A Leg Press Weigh

The weight of the sled on a leg press machine can vary significantly. There are various factors that determine what the weight will be, and there is no universal answer to this question. There are some approximates that many gyms use, though.

In general, leg press sleds will weigh between 100lbs and 120lbs. It depends on the provider. However, some leg press sleds can weigh more than 120lbs.

In other cases, the sled can weigh less than 100lbs, especially the machines that are made for beginners. In that case, the sled can weigh 80lbs or even less, and the number can go as low as 65lbs.

Knowing how much the sled weighs will allow you to track your progress better. It’ll give you a general idea of how much overall weight you are lifting.

Sure, you can count the plates and make progressions from there. But isn’t it better to know how much you can lift overall?

As mentioned before, there are several factors that define the weight of the sled when it comes to leg press machines. One of the most important factors is the manufacturer.

Different Manufacturers and Different Sled Weights

If you want to inspect the weight of the sled in your gym, it might be useful to learn more about the manufacturer.

Or, you can consult a professional to help you out with the question, they might know more about the provider.

how much does a leg press machine weigh

For example, the Gold’s Gym sleds for leg press machines are especially suitable for more advanced users. So in that case, the standard weight of the Gold’s leg press sled will be at 118lbs.

At least for the Gold’s Gym facilities, that is. Not every gym will have the same leg pressing machine, and the weights can vary.

Another very common provider of leg pressing machines is Star Trac. A standard leg pressing machine by Star Trac will have a sled that weighs 100lbs. Again, there are several products like this from this manufacture, and this is just the standard weight.

Other manufacturers create leg pressing machines that are made specifically for beginners. As some might not be able to lift more than 100lbs at once. There are several providers that offer machines with standard sled weights of 85lbs or less.

These include manufacturers like Hammer Strength or Legend Fitness. Although you will find leg pressing machines from Hammer Strength with the starting weight at 118lbs. This machine by Legend Fitness has a starting weight of 85lbs.

Other manufactures might have beginner-friendly machines with sled weights at 65lbs. Although these weights are mot as common as, let’s say, 100lbs, they are still found in some gyms.

The Angle Determines The Load

leg press weight

The advantage of a leg pressing machine is that we can easily transform the intensity of a workout. We can do that by changing the angle that we perform it at.

The user can move the seat in such a way that the angle is steeper, or we can create a more flat angle. But what implications does the angle have on the weight?

Even if the weights are more substantial, it is easier to perform leg presses at flatter angles than at steeper angles.

Normally, the angles of leg pressing machines are at 45 degrees or even steeper. But the great news is that we can easily adjust it so that the workout is either harder or easier, depending on your fitness level.

So the higher sled weights don’t matter that much if we perform the exercise at a flatter angle. It means that it will be significantly easier to perform it, and that’s where the weight is sometimes not that important.

We also need to consider the angle we perform it at. We can make it more challenging even with lighter weights if we want to by simply making the angle steeper than normal.

How To Track Your Progress

So now that you know the standard leg press machine weight, you’ll be able to track your progress much easier.

Yes, you could just track the number of plates you put onto the sled. But isn’t it more satisfying to know what the total weight that you’re lifting is?

leg press machine weights

The next time you’re in the gym, inspect the manufacturer of the leg pressing machine. Look for a label with the manufacturer’s name, and it will give you a better idea of what the weight might be.

Alternatively, you can consult with an instructor and ask them about the weight or the provider. They might have a better idea.

Also, it’s not everything about the weight with leg presses, it’s a lot to do with angles.

So you can make much more progress with a certain weight by making a simple adjustment by making the angle steeper.

Writing down your progress is simple, but you need to the consistent. Have a diary or a booklet. Alternatively, you can use an app that will help you track your progress.

And now that you know the leg press machine weight, it’ll be even easier.

The Use Of A Leg Press Machine

The leg pressing machine is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has its pros and its cons, of course.

The biggest advantage of a leg press machine is that it helps us build almost every leg muscle by performing different exercises. It’s also a great addition to squats or deadlifts.

Also, it’s an effective alternative if we have recently had an injury, such as a shoulder injury or arm injury that prevents us from holding the bars. In those cases, the leg press machine should get more love than it is getting.

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