Gold Standard Whey Protein Vs ISO 100

Gold Standard Whey Protein Vs ISO 100

Think of ISO 100 as the ultimate fuel for your muscles. Each scoop is packed with 25 grams of pure protein to support your muscle-building efforts, along with 5.5 grams of BCAAs, including 2.7 grams of L-Leucine.

It’s not just about quantity, but quality too. Globally recognised for its impeccable taste and purity, ISO 100 goes through a meticulous cross-flow microfiltration process.

This multi-step purification ensures that all the good stuff – the crucial muscle-building protein fractions – are retained, while the extras your body doesn’t need, like excess carbs, fats, lactose, and cholesterol, are shown the exit. It’s about giving your body exactly what it needs, no more, no less.

Meet Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey – the real muscle-building MVP. Its secret? Pure Whey Protein Isolates as the primary component.

Mix that with ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, and each scoop serves up a whopping 24 grams of all-whey protein.

And let’s not forget about the 5.5 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).

Athletes everywhere are raving about it for its muscle-building qualities. It’s the real deal.

Read on as we compare Gold Standard Whey Protein and ISO 100 to determine which one reigns supreme.

1. Key Specs Comparison

ISO 100

ISO 100

When it comes to achieving peak muscle growth and recovery, ISO 100 stands as a perfect protein choice.

Often hailed as one of the top-notch whey isolate protein powders, it’s proven to lean out muscles and progressively increase strength.

Imagine the surprise when those muscles take on a leaner look and strength starts to climb. And for those considering a purchase, the Gourmet Chocolate flavour is highly recommended.

With a unique taste that’s far from generic, it’s delightfully easy to consume. Against expectations, this product doesn’t just match up to ON’s Gold Standard Whey; it strides ahead, delivering a performance that’s not just satisfying, but significantly superior. A product truly in a league of its own.

Gold Standard Whey Protein

Gold Standard Whey Protein is renowned for its exceptional quality and minimalistic ingredient profile, offering a rich protein content per serving. It’s the perfect blend of value, volume, and, most importantly, protein.

Customers often express their satisfaction with the purchase, emphasising not only the unbeatable price-to-volume ratio but also the noticeable positive impact on their fitness journey.

Optimum Nutrition, the brand behind the product, holds a stellar reputation for manufacturing top-notch supplements, with Gold Standard Whey Protein being one of their highest volume products.

However, a word to the wise, the double chocolate flavor has received mixed reviews – some love it, others not so much.

It seems there have been recent changes in its taste profile. Hence, palate preferences should be considered before purchasing this particular flavour.

2. Amount Per Serving Comparison

ISO 100

The taste of ISO 100 can be a delightful revelation. It truly rivals the delectable halo top birthday cake ice cream in flavour, all while boasting less than 1g of sugar and an impressive 25g of protein.

It really hits the sweet spot for those seeking a high protein, low carb option in a convenient one-scoop serving.

For the calorie-conscious, ISO 100 is a dream come true. Each serving packs only a mere 110 calories, and the absence of bloating after consumption is a much-appreciated bonus.

What truly sets Dymatize’s product apart though, is the remarkably low content of carbs, cholesterol, fat, and sugar.

Each scoop delivers a hefty 25g of protein, offering an excellent cost-to-volume ratio. So, not only is it easy on the palate, it’s also easy on the wallet.

Gold Standard Whey Protein

Here’s the 411 on ON’s Whey: It’s all about the protein and none of the fluff. You won’t find any hidden sugars or sneaky carbs here. Just straight, 100% whey from isolates.

It’s your perfect partner in crime if you’re chasing that protein target while dodging calorie landmines.

Together with your sweat sessions, this protein powerhouse is your shield against muscle loss. I read an article that made perfect sense – munch on protein, embrace fibre, and eat light. So, guess what? I’m all in!

This whey has been a game changer for me, letting me bulk up without the unsolicited fat that comes with other protein supplements. I’ve just restocked my supply, and I gotta say, I’m a proud ON Whey ambassador!

And hey, if anyone out there knows a killer protein shake for that pre-workout energy surge, drop me a line.

3. Features Comparison

Gold Standard Whey Protein Vs ISO 100

ISO 100

ISO 100 is your shaker bottle’s best friend. It blends seamlessly, without leaving any stubborn lumps or that dreaded powdery residue that plagues the bottom of your bottle.

It’s like magic – in an instant, you’ve got a perfectly smooth protein shake. When it comes to mixing prowess, ISO 100 outshines ON’s Gold Standard Whey.

Plus, it doesn’t demand a huge serving size like some other brands. The cherry on top? The flavour is out of this world, and did I mention it blends like a dream? With ISO 100, reaching your goal of 35 grams of protein a day while keeping the calories low is a breeze.

Gold Standard Whey Protein

Gold Standard Whey Protein offers an exceptionally amiable taste, particularly when combined with fat-free milk instead of water.

The consistency, when mixed, is smooth and integrates well with other powders, including additional probiotics and joint supplements.

The flavour, especially in milk, rivals that of a decadent chocolate milkshake, making it quite tempting to indulge in just for the sheer pleasure of it.

Even in water, while not quite as delightful, it still offers a very palatable taste. Remarkably, this protein powder mixes well and swiftly with any liquid, requiring nothing more than a simple stirring stick.

But take note, while all the other products arrive in pristine condition, some users have reported receiving Gold Standard Whey Protein in less than perfect state, indicating possible issues during packaging.

4. Cost Comparison

Cost is something that we all check before choosing anything. Especially when it comes to whey protein supplements since they cost a lot.

After all, you’re investing so much, so it has to be worth the price. Both have the same prices but different product content.

ISO 100

ISO 100 costs around $30 for 1.6 pounds or 24 servings. That means $1.00 per serving. Honestly, it’s quite affordable for a protein supplement. Think of the value it gives with 100% hydrolyzed isolate protein content.

So that’s a fair amount. It’s very tricky to find something affordable like this one that has the same ingredients and formulations.

Gold Standard Whey Protein

This protein supplement also costs the same as ISO 100, which is $30. However, it may slightly differ depending on what size container or tub and flavor you buy. The most common container costs about $1.10 per serving.

If you look at both prices, the gold standard whey protein is comparatively more expensive than ISO 100. But that’s hardly a 1% difference. So it shouldn’t matter in terms of cost.

Gold Standard Whey Protein Vs. ISO 100 – Quick Comparison

Still not sure? No worries. Here’s a quick glance into their comparison to help you decide the best one.

FeaturesGold Standard WheyISO 100
BrandOptimum Nutrition (ON)Dymatize        
TypeWhey isolate, whey concentrate, and hydrolyzed whey blendHydrolyzed whey isolate
Other IngredientsEmulsifier, Cocoa powder, Soy Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, SucraloseCocoa powder, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Natural and artificial flavor, Potassium chloride, Sucralose  
Serving Size (Container)30.4 g30 g
Volume5 lbs.1.6 lbs.
Available flavorsChocolate, French Vanilla Crème, Delicious Strawberry. etc.Gourmet Chocolate, Vanilla, Mocha Latte etc.
Protein per serving24 g25 g    
Calories per serving120-130 cal110-120 cal
Cost per serving$1.10$1.00  

Final words

So this was all about gold standard whey protein vs ISO 100. Which one do you think is best?

It depends. Ask yourself: “What is my fitness goal, exactly?” We would recommend both as both of them are nutrient-rich with 100% pure protein.

Gold Standard Whey Protein is perfect for breakfast and pre-workout choices. Otherwise, ISO 100 is your best bet if you’re looking for a post-workout protein shake.

In fact, you can consider taking both, but at different times, of course. Both protein supplements support muscle building and recovery when taken properly.

Try and experiment with both and see which one suits you. The choice is yours!

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