Best Health and Fitness Advertisements Examples to Inspire You

Fitness To Inspire You

Fitness was associated with going to the gym. The pandemic has changed the way people look at fitness.

If you want to promote your fitness business, you need to try a different approach to engage your target audience.

You need to motivate your existing clients and prospects so that they get back to the gym once the pandemic is over.

In this article, we share fitness ads that lead to higher gym memberships. You also get the inspiration for your next advertising campaign.

Your advertising needs to tell a story, promote a community feeling, and send a positive message to get the attention of your target audience.

Health and Fitness Ads That Can Motivate Anyone

Fitness Ads That Can Motivate Anyone


Instead of talking about gym services, Equinox shifted its focus to lifestyle changes for wellbeing.

Their health and fitness digital marketing campaign was about transforming lives. It featured a mix of real-life stories of people who have seen their lives changed by fitness.

They used women who had undergone surgery like a mastectomy in the ad so that clients could identify with them.

General ads on fitness ignore the personal identity and are all about six-packs or an hourglass figure.

This ad inspired women to commit to a better lifestyle and engage with other members of their community.

Gold Gym

Ripping buttons on an obese person to promote a product, who would have thought of that! Gold Gym did and gave life to the ‘angry buttons.’

The ad urges the viewers to act immediately on their fitness goals. It has used humor with a twist, using buttons to express how overweight people feel. The concept is simple, and the message is clear.

Gold Gym has created another ad that makes viewers focus on the text and not the image. The ‘out’ door in the ad outsizes the ‘in’ door. Be a more ‘solid’ version of you is what the ad says.

People are aware of the Gold Gym brand, and this straightforward concept drives home the point.

Blink Fitness

Most gym members don’t have flat abs and rippling muscles, but you will rarely see a fitness ad without celebrities or models promoting their business.

The USP of the Blink Fitness ad is their regular members, and that makes every viewer happy.

Blink Fitness dared to be different and grabbed the attention of Instagram viewers. The message was whatever your body size, it’s okay.


Yoga is the central theme for Lululemon’s ad, and they use certain aspects of yoga to get viewers motivated. The ad urges you to sweat it out, drink enough water, engage in outdoor activities, and take deep breaths.

Viewers know they can make these positive lifestyle changes, and to inspire them, the ad uses fitness coaches. The audience is encouraged to keep fit.


When you are reminded of your obesity through an ad, the ‘act now’ message is hammered straight into your head.

The model in the ad is grossly out of shape and sends out a warning sign to anyone who is suffering from the same problem.

You might find the ad graphic, but sometimes you need a shock to start working out.


The goal of this fitness chain is to inspire people of all ages to be fit. Since the brand is clear about its objective, the target audience understands the call-to-action, and conversions happen.

The new generation and older generation feel inspired to keep moving for a better world.

This company has read the aspirations and problems of its target audience perfectly.

Daily Burn

The best incentive for anyone is encouragement. The Daily Burn ad builds on the theme ‘daily exercise’ and engages their target audience using it.

You can get free sample videos of their workout if you participate in their live classes.

The classes are customized for students and have a fun element in them. You get to see actual students in the class, and it gives you an idea of what you can expect from their fitness sessions.

You can access their session from a device of your choice, like a smartphone or your laptop, and this flexibility also acts as a motivation to join the classes.

Nobody likes to ‘fit in’ a fitness class but would like to be part of an activity that is fun, so they download the Daily Burn app.

World Gym

The World Gym ad focuses on anti-fitness to promote fitness. They target ‘couch potatoes’ and warn them not to ‘fall into a trap.’ Smart and effective, since the message is don’t be a couch potato like the video game controller in the ad.

Children and adult gamers alike have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, and World Gym uses the adult male gamer as their central character.

The video game controls are placed under the couch like a mousetrap so that gamers can humorously get the fitness message.

Powerhouse Gym

This ad has innovatively integrated serious lifting exercises like cable flies with a double-crane construction site.

The giant-sized image of a bodybuilder certain grabs the attention of the serious gym-goer.


Like everyone, wouldn’t you enjoy a bit of ‘healthy rivalry’ with your close friends through physical activity?

This is the USP of the Fitbit ad. While you might not be fighting for Olympic glory, knowing which one of you is the fittest would certainly motivate you to exercise regularly.

Crunch Fitness

Nobody likes being judged, and this non-judgmental approach is what makes the Crunch Fitness ad a winner.

The ad has a comic element where an ordinary person outperforms a fitness fanatic, and this humor-based motivation works like magic. The ad inspired millions of followers globally to join this fitness chain.


Influencers have boosted the following for this UK-based fitness chain on various social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The face of Gymshark is a fitness influencer, and she shares an honest confession about her fitness journey. People love stories, and when it’s an influencer, the impact is much better.

Final Thoughts

All the fitness ads shared in this article had a clear goal they wanted to achieve. Some used stories, while others used humor. A strong storyboard is vital for creating a successful fitness ad.

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