Powerade vs Gatorade – Which Sports Drinks Is Better?

Practicing physical activities may increase your heartbeat and makes you feel dehydrated. To ensure that you perform well during physical exercises, you must stay hydrated.

There is a wide range of support drinks in the market today. Choosing the right one can be difficult.

However, Powerade and Gatorade are among the most outstanding sports drinks. The drinks are rich in minerals and help you stay on the physical exercise for an extended period.

The drinks have excellent nutrients that are great for your body. Through this article, we shall look at the differences between Gatorade and Powerade to determine which is a better choice for you.


Coca-Cola Company invented Powerade in 1988 as a competitor to Gatorade. The company promised to deliver hydration benefits to athletes.

In the same year the sports drink was invented, it was the official sports drink for The Olympics. Powerade is available in most stores close to you. It has captured the heart of most athletes.


Gatorade was invented to solve issues experienced by athletes. The assistant coach of the University of Florida football team noted that his team members experienced blistering heat from the sun.

Due to the heat, the players were dehydrated at a higher rate and exhausted.

In 1965, the coach requested the university’s research team for help. The researchers noticed that the team members lost essential body minerals through sweat and never were replaced.

Another finding is that the players were losing important minerals and energy. To eradicate the issue, they created the Gatorade drink. The name meant Gator-Aid and was named after the team Gator.

The drink worked efficiently and helped the team members beat the opponents, and for the first time, the Gator team won Orange Bowl.

Afterward, other teams started using Gatorade sports drinks as energy sources.

What Are The Differences Between Powerade and Gatorade?

Powerade Vs Gatorade

The two drinks are quite alike, but there are notable key differences. Here are the main differences.

1. Carbohydrates

Powerade and Gatorade have 25g of carbohydrates when served on 12oz. Nevertheless, the two drinks have different types of ingredients in the carbohydrates.

For instance, Gatorade is composed of dextrose and sucrose, which are simple sugars to digest in the body. Powerade carbohydrates are sourced from high-fructose corn syrup.

High-fructose corn syrup has been applied for years and is a sweetener in processed foods.

Nevertheless, most doctors and nutritionists have demonized syrup for the past years. They state that it causes serious health issues such as abdominal fat.

Carbohydrates are great for the body, especially if you are an athlete. However, you need to ensure that the carbohydrates are sourced from the right foods.

People following the low-carb keto diet should avoid using sports drinks. Sports drinks have high carbohydrate levels.

It is best to use other supplements that help in fast acting and are absorbed by the body efficiently.

2. Vitamins and Minerals

Powerade has higher amounts of vitamins and minerals as opposed to Gatorade. The drinks have different levels of vitamins and minerals.

Nevertheless, Powerade has more vitamins, such as B-3, B-6, and B-12, that boost energy production.

Gatorade has 10 more calories and more sodium compared to Powerade.

Powerade contains the regular ION4 written on the bottle. The ION4 contains higher amounts of magnesium and calcium ions.

3. Sweeteners

The two sports drinks contain water, citric acid, salt and sugar. Powerade uses high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. Gatorade has dextrose. Dextrose is similar to the normal type of sugar.

Dextrose is similar to normal sugar. High-fructose corn syrup and dextrose have similar nutrition benefits.

Therefore, the compounds deliver the same amount of nutrients and carbohydrates.

Research shows that high-fructose corn syrup and normal sugars have the same negative impacts on health. The health issues include appetite response, risking becoming obese, and insulin levels.

4. Taste

Powerade and Gatorade have different tastes. Most testers claim that Powerade has a sweeter taste than Gatorade. The sweeteners used contribute to the different tastes.

Powerade is sweetened by high-fructose corn syrup, which has a sweeter taste than dextrose. However, the taste difference is influenced by personal tastes and preferences.

5. Effect on users

The main aim of sports drinks is to rehydrate users and add more carbohydrates to the body. Drinking Powerade and Gatorade depends on the activities one participates.

Research shows that Gatorade and Powerade have similar effects on athletes’ bodies.

6. Electrolytes

Gatorade and Powerade have a similar amount of electrolytes. However, Gatorade has more than 10mg of potassium than Powerade.

Therefore, Gatorade is better at helping your body acquire more electrolytes lost when working out.

7. Sugar amounts

Athletes require sugars in their bodies. Gatorade has 6% sugar, while Powerade contains 8% sugar. The two drinks have the recommended range of sugar that should be between 4-8%.

8. Health benefits

  • Rehydration After Gastroenteritis

After working out, most people are dehydrated due to a loss of energy and seating. There is also a loss of water and electrolytes that might influence the body to health issues like diarrhea.

Gatorade has a higher chance of reducing dehydration fast than Powerade. In addition, it reduces the amount of water lost from the body.

  • Dental Effects

Both Powerade and Gatorade contain citric acid. Citric acid has a high chance of increasing dental enamel erosion. Nevertheless, drinks that contain calcium reduce enamel erosion risks.

So, the presence of ION4 in Powerade reduces the chances of acquiring enamel erosion due to calcium.

  • Rehydration After A Workout

Powerade and Gatorade deliver higher hydration than water when used simultaneously. Nevertheless, the three have a small difference during hydration. The presence of sodium in the drinks does not replenish the lost amounts.

What Drink Is A Better Option, Powerade or Gatorade?

which is better powerade or gatorade

There is no great difference when it comes to Powerade and Gatorade. The two drinks deliver electrolytes that ensure your body is replenished with body fluids lost when exercising.

The two drinks have enough sugar required by your body, which helps boost your energy. The sugars also ensure that you can carry out physical activities for longer.

The nutrition information for the two products is almost similar. The main difference arises when one drink has more nutrients than the other at a short level. Otherwise, the two drinks have common nutrients.

Powerade has more vitamins, while Gatorade has more electrolytes. In addition, Powerade contains higher amounts of fructose, while Gatorade contains dextrose.

Dextrose is easily broken down and digested in the body. It also takes a little time to digest dextrose; thus, Gatorade may deliver its impact faster than Powerade.

Most athletes may choose Gatorade as the energy is converted faster than Powerade. However, the choice between the two drinks is influenced by your taste and preferences and the type of physical activities you participate in.

Who Should Not Take Sports Drinks?

Sports drinks have formulations that can be harmful to your health. Some of them contain caffeine, which can risk your health. Some people should not take sports drinks such as:

  • Suppose you have high blood pressure. The sports drink may increase the pressure levels when taken, risking a loss of life.
  • People with heart diseases. The electrolytes in sports drinks may trigger the heart rate, and if the drink has caffeine, which can result in a heart attack.
  • If you have urinary or kidney diseases, avoid taking sports drinks.

Reasons Why You Need A sports drink

You require enough energy when going to the gym, jogging, and playing games like football and other sports.

When participating in physical activities, your heart beat rate increases, you sweat, and water loss leads to dehydration.

Sweating leads to a los of electrolytes like calcium and potassium. Electrolytes play a vital role in your body by ensuring that the body has normal blood pressure and muscular performance.

When you consume normal sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade, your hydration levels improve, and you perform better in physical exercise.

The drinks companies aim to increase the level of minerals and energy in your body. Studies show that athletes that use sports drinks perform better than those who do not. Further, they can last for an extended period without tiring.

Gatorade and Powerade also restore carbohydrates lost when working out, which are not replaced.

Therefore, you retain your energy by using sports drinks. The drinks further contain minerals, vitamins, and other important nutrients.


Sports drinks play a vital role in the body of an athlete. You will experience less water loss and calorie loss when working out.

Further, you acquire more energy to keep participating in the activities for a significant period. Powerade and Gatorade have a great impact on your body.

If you notice that your performance is low, you can choose one of the drinks. The two drinks have nutrition benefits required in the body. The drinks have common ingredients: water, salt, citric acid, and sweeteners.

However, if you have health conditions such as blood pressure and heart issues, avoid taking sports drinks.

The drinks contain components that can worsen your health status. Before taking a sports drink, look at the ingredients and nutrition information.

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