Is 275 A Good Bench Press?

is 275 a good bench press

There are various forms of exercises with different significance. The bench press is a weight-lifting exercise that focuses on your chest and shoulders.

It is an essential exercise for building muscle and increasing the strength of the target areas.

In bench press, a person pushes a weight upwards or away from the body while lying in the horizontal position on a weight. The weight lifted varies depending on an individual’s strength and fitness.

The most asked question regarding bench press “is 275 a good bench press?” The exercise requires special attention and fitness to achieve a 275 bench press.

This article will give statistical insights and factors affecting the 275 bench press.

Is 275 Bench Press Rare?

According to a study, 1 in 25,000 males and 1 in 8,000,00 females can achieve a 275 bench press.

The ratio is significantly lower in females. However, it is believed that years of systematic training will help you perform a 275 bench press. Stats show clearly that the ratio of 275 benches is quite low.

Lifting 275 pounds over your chest in a lying position may seem impressive, but it is rare.

It requires a lot of patience, pain tolerance, and consistency until you achieve the required muscle strength.

So, only 0.002% of people of the total population successfully performed 275 bench presses.

Is 275 A Good Bench Press?

is 275 a good bench

It is tough to tell whether a 275-pound bench press is good simply. It depends on various factors like your body weight, training experience, and overall fitness.

Bench press standards vary from person to person. But the general guideline for bench press standards for one rep maximum (1RM) is hereby:

  • Novice: 0.6 times body weight
  • Intermediate: 0.9 times body weight
  • Advanced: 1.2 times body weight
  • Elite: 1.5 times body weight or more

Note these are general guidelines, and an individual’s fitness goals can vary. Incorporate a balanced training program for different groups of muscles to prevent injuries and improve performance.

How To Do A 275 Bench Press Perfectly?

By now, we already know a 275 bench is rare but not impossible. Here are some tips that will help you in doing a 275 bench press.


The saying; practice makes a man perfect, is true in the case of bench press.

If you keep on practicing this exercise, you will experience better strength and performance. Do not lose hope and give up. Keep yourself motivated to get to the target.

Practice twice a week for a good press. Your chest requires almost 3 days to recover before benching again. If the frequency is lower than twice a week, you are likely to fall prey to some shoulder injury.

Be patient

Low or no patience is a common reason people can’t do a 275 bench press.

For bench press, you have to build up weight and increase your muscle strength. Lifting 275 pounds in a bench press will take years, so patience is key to success.

Take supplements

For energy and greater muscle strength, you can take some supplements. Creatine is considered a safe supplement for developing muscle strength and muscle building.

By creatine supplementation, you can bench press more weight than usual.

Track your progress

Principles of progressive overload will make you stronger. The progressive overload helps you increase the weight from the previous ones.

Keep the weight the same while increasing the reps, or by keeping the reps the same and increasing the weight. Both situations will help you.

It is nearly impossible to work without tracking your progress. So, keep track of the weight you are lifting and reps.

Seek trainer’s help

Training under the supervision of an expert is essential. The trainer will motivate you to meet your goals and help to correct your technique/posture.

Focus on your diet

If you are weight lifting or strength training, focus on eating the correct number of calories to keep sufficient muscle fuel.

Proteins play a significant role in muscle building and recovery.

Factors Affecting 275 Bench Press

Factors Affecting 275 Bench Press

There are several factors on which the performance of 275-pound benching depends. Some factors are listed below;

Fitness and Technique

Proper technique is essential for a good bench press. If your fitness levels are low, the chances of injuries are higher. With poor form, you will not be able to lift heavier weights.

So, focus on your form and technique for a good 275 bench press.

Muscle Imbalance

Some people experience the strength of both sides of the body differently. If that is the case, it will impact your bench press performance.

To improve the imbalances, targeted exercises, and corrective movements are good.


Nutrition is the backbone of muscle growth and repair. Never neglect your diet. A balanced diet is essential for improved performance.


Genetics plays a chief role in your fitness, training, and performance. Your genetics mainly define the type of muscle fiber, your body structure, and your limb length.

These components directly affect the amount of weight you can lift.

Training Experience

Training experience impacts your muscle strength. Beginners have lower strength and are not able to lift heavier weights. The 275 bench press seems impossible to

An experienced weightlifter can lift 275 pounds with consistent training. To improve your bench press performance, invest your time and energy.

Rest and Recovery

Rest after a workout helps muscle recovery in the case of bench press. If your shoulder muscles aren’t getting enough time to recover, you will observe weakened muscles.


A 275-pound bench press is generally considered impressive and falls within the advanced to elite category, depending on factors such as body weight, experience level, and personal fitness goals.

It exceeds the benchmarks for many individuals and can be seen as a substantial achievement.

However, it’s crucial to assess a “good” bench press; it is subjective and can vary based on individual circumstances, training objectives, and competitive standards.

Regardless of the weight lifted, prioritizing proper form, a well-rounded training program and gradual progression are essential for long-term success and injury prevention.

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