How To Make Life Easier For An Older Family Member

Make Life Easier For An Older Family Member

Aging is inevitable and that’s something that happens to everyone. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll reach a certain age healthily. It’s important to understand that being alive simply isn’t enough.

If a person doesn’t have a good quality of life then particular steps must be taken to enhance it, otherwise, that individual will never be happy.

Keep in mind, that feeling content is as equally important as overall well-being.

Now, if you have a parent or any other older family member that is currently struggling to lead a normal, fulfilled life, then you should check out our suggestions below that will help you change things for the better.

Excellent Ways To Enhance Quality Of Life For Older Folks

Enhance Quality Of Life For Older Folks

Put Raised Dot Stickers To Remote Control Buttons And Key Phone

If you have a family member who is dealing with macular degeneration, or any other eye-related condition.

Then you should put raised button stickers on specific phone buttons, as well as, TV remote control buttons to help them figure out which buttons they should press.

For instance, if your beloved senior is suffering from macular degeneration, he or she can put bumps to the “Answer”, “3” and “9” buttons on their phone, so they can use it without having any issues.

Additionally, the same steps can be taken for a TV remote control. You can put bumps to the “On/Off”, as well as to the volume buttons so that he/she can find them easily.

Stairlift Is Extremely Beneficial

Going up the stairs can frequently be very challenging to a lot of people, particularly to the ones who are in a wheelchair, or have some issues with knees and joints.

Fortunately, there’s a thing worth considering that can make things a lot simpler.

What is the best option in this case?

The compassionate team at StairliftHelper suggests purchasing a stairlift. Because it is one of those items that can help your family member get over the obstacles in their house.

Generally speaking, this is a great alternative for anyone with limited mobility.

Furthermore, with its assistance, anyone can get around their household with ease and without needing the help of another person. More importantly, stairlifts are generally very convenient and safe.

What Else Can Be Done To Help A Beloved Family Member?

Help A Beloved Family Member

Help Them Feel Needed And Useful

It doesn’t matter how old we are, everybody wants to feel needed and useful.

When you care for an older family member, do whatever you can to make them feel like you still need their assistance and that they do not represent a burden.

Remember, that even if they do not do things the way you imagined, you should still appreciate their help.

What matters is that they are contributing in a way. Ask them to help you out with these tasks below:

  • When you’re folding laundry
  • When you’re opening the mail
  • When you’re clipping coupons
  • When you’re shopping for groceries
  • When you’re organizing drawers
  • When you’re writing down the things you’re supposed to do
  • When you’re preparing a meal
  • …..etc

Make Use Of Pillboxes

Utilizing a pillbox is a practical and simple way to keep all medications properly organized.

Generally speaking, older folks love using a weekly organizer that consists of seven compartments, however, you should let them know that it’s not their only option.

Namely, if by any chance, your family member has an iPhone, then he or she can keep themselves organized by installing a Pillboxie app, intended for this device.

This digital pill organizer was designed to send people personalized notifications when they’re supposed to take their medicine, and it comes with various amazing features that will help them track and manage their meds.

Make Sure Your Beloved One Is Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy and nutritious food is generally recommendable, particularly as people age.

That’s essential if you want your family member to stay healthy. In case you didn’t know, the digestive system slows down with age.

So what does it mean? It means that it’s crucial to provide your loved one with high-fiber foods (like veggies, fruits, and whole grains) and vitamins.

Not only does this type of food helps them consume everything their body requires, but it will also reduce the risk of some serious health issues, such as heart attack and stroke.

Besides healthy food, another thing that mustn’t be forgotten is water. Namely, a vast majority of older people feel less thirsty as they age, which can potentially lead to dehydration.

That’s precisely why you have to ensure your family member drinks lots of water.

This is something that is going to positively affect both their urinary tract and digestive system (meaning they will not deal with constipation). Another issue that older often deal with is lack of appetite.

If you notice it, then make sure to call a doctor, so you can uncover the reason behind this problem.

Scheduling an at home IV in Atlanta may help your loved one stay nourished and hydrated as they age. Certain formulas can help boost energy, clear mental fog, and help fuel the brain to stay healthy.

However, if you act on time, they just might be able to lead a normal life.

Pay Attention If They Are Showing The Signs Of Depression

Unfortunately, older people are more prone to depression. There are various reasons behind it, like loss of employment because they’ve retired, possibly due to pain or certain health condition, the loss of their child-caring role, death of partner, friend, or family member, medications, loss of independence, etc.

Bear in mind, that depression is a serious mental health issue and something that shouldn’t be ignored or neglected.

Therefore, if you notice that your family member is dealing with it, then you should instantly do something about it.

These are the most common symptoms of depression:

  • Irritability
  • Constant sadness
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Loss of interest
  • Different types of pain without any particular physical cause
  • Fatigue
  • No focus and insomnia

Don’t forget that these individuals are at a vulnerable stage in their lives and that this illness can seriously negatively affect their physical and emotional state.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that life significantly changes as we age. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that an older person cannot lead a wonderful life.

So, in order to accomplish this, certain changes of things must be made, like the ones that were mentioned here.

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