How Long After Hgh Injection Can I Eat?

How Long After Hgh Injection Can I Eat

HGH stands for human growth hormone, medically called Somatotropin. Human growth hormone is essential for us, and deficiency may lead to negative effects.

HGH is involved in cell production and multiplication in the body. HGH injection speeds up the process and gives improved results. But is there any suitable time to take an HGH injection?

The results of HGH therapy may vary from person to person. Diet and HGH therapy come hand in hand.

The researchers believe there is an ample gap between your meals and HGH injection. Let’s find out how long to wait to eat after HGH injection.

How Long To Wait To Eat After Hgh Injection?

Post-HGH injection meal is controversial and it remains whether to eat immediately after HGH injection or not.

There is no strict time limit, but most researchers say it is better to wait at least two or more hours before you start eating.

The general rule is to wait two hours for your next meal after HGH injection. During these two hours, HGH goes into your system and works on the cells of your body. It is good to avoid eating anything right after the injection because of the potential side effects.

There is no guaranteed evidence that eating even after two hours is fine. To be on the safer side it is good to follow the two-hour rule.

In some cases, the two-hour rule has some relaxation. If you are a bodybuilder or athlete taking HGH therapy, these injections have a shorter half-life and activity. So, there are lesser chances of any harm if you eat within the timeframe.

If you are doing self-HGH therapy and unsure about when to eat after an HGH injection. Reading the label, a manufacturer must have mentioned some instructions. Different manufacturers have different guidelines for their products.

Consult a professional before starting HGH therapy for a proper plan. A doctor can prescribe the most suitable type of HGH according to your body’s requirements and goals.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Hgh Injection?

Rapid Weight Loss

If you are taking HGH or any other hormone injections, it is recommended not to quit immediately.

When you are planning to discontinue HGH injection, get yourself tested. These hormonal injections are prescribed to individuals dealing with some ailment like diabetes or cancer.

With drawl of HGH injection may lead to some side effects which are explained further;

Rapid Weight Loss

Patients undergoing chemo or radiotherapy are prescribed HGH injections to deal with compromised immune systems and a decline in health due to harsh treatment.

The most common symptom of withdrawal is abrupt weight loss. The weight loss may occur due to loss of appetite or increased basal metabolic rate.

Muscular Growth

HGH injection is also known as growth hormone. It contains hormones that promote insulin production, which leads to muscle growth.

Increased insulin production leads to an increase in protein synthesis.
According to research, HGH injection led to obesity and involuntary food intake in women.

So, always consult a healthcare professional before starting HGH therapy.

Skin Problems

When you are taking HGH injections, your skin becomes prone to damage. The sensitivity may result in redness, inflammation, or severe cases of scarring.

Mood Swings

HGH injections have somatotropin hormone, which is involved in your mood regulation.

These injections stimulate the production of testosterone and estrogen hormones, present naturally in our bodies. The elevated levels will interrupt your mood and emotions.

What Time Of The Day Is Best For Hgh Injection?

how long to wait to eat after hgh injection

There is a lot of conflicting information regarding HGH injections, when to take an injection, or when to eat after the injection.

There is no specific time of day to take a HGH injection, depending on the individual’s goals and body type.

The best time to have an HGH injection is on an empty stomach, and for bodybuilders, before breakfast is the most suitable.

HGH contributes to protein synthesis and muscle growth. For athletes, it is considered a great supplement.

HGH therapy for anti-aging is quite common. For such individuals, it is good to take an injection before bed. During sleep, the body undergoes repair and restoration, so HGH promotes the process.

How Long Hgh Remains Active After An Injection?

Just like other medicines or injections, HGH injection has a time duration in which it stays active within the body.

HGH has a half-life of 3 to 4 hours which means after this time, HGH is cleared from the body. Due to this reason, individuals take multiple HGH injections to keep the levels high.

A study reveals HGH remains active 6 to 8 hours after being injected into the body. But, the activity time of HGH varies depending on body weight, dosage, and metabolism.

On the other hand, be aware that the effects of HGH injection will not occur immediately after injecting. You can see possible changes within three to six months after consistent use.

Does Food Affect HGH?

Human growth hormone is naturally present in the human body and plays a role in cell production and regeneration.

HGH injections are commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to attain desired muscle growth. HGH also improves the strength to perform.

But the question arises does food interfere with your HGH levels?

Yes, food does affect your HGH levels. It is recommended to take HGH injections on an empty stomach or wait at least 2 hours to eat after injection.

Food is likely to interrupt as some foods naturally increase your HGH levels, and some decrease the production of HGH.

High protein foods like meat, eggs, and dairy significantly increase the HGH production in your body.

On the other hand, high carbohydrate or sugary foods inhibit the production of HGH. To achieve balanced HGH levels, focus on managing your diet with your HGH therapy.


Human growth hormone has numerous health benefits if taken as a supplement. It not only works well for athletes or gym freaks but has contributed to other health conditions.

HGH therapy is considered safe and beneficial. But the meal timing is critical. For better results, it is good to follow the two-hour rule because food can interfere with your HGH dose.

Always consult a healthcare professional before starting HGH therapy. A doctor will prescribe a suitable dose and time and recommend the post-injection meal time.

If you are having some trouble after injection, without any delay, rush to a doctor.

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