Does Pre Workout Stunt Growth?

 Does Pre Workout Stunt Growth

Most gym freaks lean over pre-workout supplements for better performance and results.

Not all glitters are gold; pre-workouts have exceptional benefits depending on the ingredients and composition.

Well, you can’t overlook its significant side effects, as pre-workouts negatively impact your growth hormones.

Pre-workouts provide an energy boost and improve your focus and visibly you can see better results in your body.

Keeping these aside, let’s figure out does pre-workout stunt growth. Are there any specific ingredients involved in growth inhibition or not?

Does Pre-Workout Stunt Growth?

Pre-workout stunting growth is quite controversial. Most studies have rejected this theory and found no relation between the two.

Pre-workouts are not directly involved in growth retardation or inhibition, as hormonal factors determine growth in humans, primarily Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

The endocrine system regulates these hormones that often get compromised by pre-workout supplements.

Not all pre-workouts impact negatively. But some supplements increase the production of growth hormone.

A study suggests pre-workouts like branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and Vitamin B12 spur growth in most individuals. If you couple pre-workout with a balanced diet, you are likely to see great results.

Factors affecting pre-workout and growth

Factors Affecting Pre-Workout And Growth

It is unfair to say that all pre-workouts stunt growth. But some factors affect pre-workout and growth.

1. Ingredients

The primary factor is what constitutes a pre-workout. Typical ingredients of pre-workout supplements are caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine.

All of these improve your energy levels and your performance. But in some cases, some ingredients are causing some trouble in an individual.

Creatine, amino acid-based supplements, and Vitamin B12 has positively affected growth in most cases.

But if you have a medical condition, you need to seek professional advice for better acceptability and results.

2. Diet

Your diet plays an integral role in growth and development. If you are not consuming the right amount of calories along with your workout routine and supplements, then you might experience some adverse effects.

Even if you take dietary or pre-workout supplements, your nutrition is inadequate; your growth hormones will not function properly.

Try to achieve balanced nutrition with pre-workout to obtain the best possible results.

3. Sleep

Some pre-workouts contain caffeine as a main ingredient that will hamper your regular sleep cycle. Caffeine causes alertness, and in severe cases, it can cause insomnia.

So, try not to consume caffeine after 5 pm. If you are not getting enough sleep, then your growth hormones will not release as per the demand of your body.

Sleep-wake cycle governs your muscle repair as well, providing your body with enough time to repair its muscle and let them grow.

4. Stress Levels

Stress is the joint culprit of many problems. If your body is under stress, it will release cortisol hormone, which hampers your cognitive ability and lowers the levels of your growth hormone.

In case you are consuming pre-workout while your body is already under stress, the benefits of pre-workout will go down to zero in such a situation due to the release of cortisol.

5. Workout Intensity

If you are working out at high intensity after taking pre-workout, you’ll experience greater muscle mass and better performance.

But, if you are providing your body a pre-workout and then not working out with the required intensity, it might stunt your growth in extreme cases.

Are there any specific pre-workouts stunting growth?

According to scientific theories, there’s no such pre-workout involved in stunted growth. But healthcare practitioners recommend not consuming stimulants and pre-workouts with artificial ingredients.

Your height depends on growth hormones, but some specific ingredients can affect these hormones.

One such ingredient is caffeine, which affects your sleep pattern and appetite. Growth Hormones release and work when you are asleep.

So, if you are not getting proper sleep, you might experience slower growth.

To achieve the optimum health goals, always have a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Most importantly, read the label before consuming any supplement or seek help from a physician.

Can Weightlifting Stunt Your Growth?

Can Weightlifting Stunt Your Growth

Weightlifting does not necessarily stunt growth. Training has multiple benefits, including greater bone density, muscle strength, better performance, and improved overall physical fitness.

If you are weight lifting at a very young age, try to train under supervision as it can alter your posture or cause injuries that, in the long run, can impact your growth.

A very famous Naturopath and sports nutritionist Dr. Rob Raponi breaks the myth that weightlifting damages the growth plate during strength training.

Actually, the problem occurs due to poor form and if you are lifting the wrong height. The growth plates mature after the growing age, so be a little more vigilant if lifting weights before 18. As the growing age is crucial and your physical activity is substantial.

Which Age Is Good To Take Pre-Workout?

People who are actively involved in some training exercises or workouts mostly consume pre-workouts for faster results.

There are no predetermined criteria for the consumption of pre-workout, but factors like training goals and overall health status can matter.

On the safer side, it is advised not to consume pre-workout in the growing age as the growth spurt is high and external factors can hinder natural growth and development.

If you are under 18 and involved in some strenuous physical activity, have a nutritious diet to meet your caloric requirements.

Everybody has different caloric requirements and mechanisms. If you are planning to start a pre-workout, start with smaller doses and monitor your growth and response to a pre-workout.

In case you experience any alarming signs or symptoms, discontinue pre-workout at once, and consult a professional.

Does Pre-Workout Suppress Appetite?

Pre-workout has ingredients like branched-chain amino acids, caffeine, and green tree extract that regulate food intake.

Caffeine negatively impacts your food intake, while green tree extract increases the production of GLP-1, and suppresses your diet.

When your diet is suppressed, you will likely face a delay in growth and development. In this way, you can say pre-workout causes stunting.

What Causes Stunted Growth?

Pre-workout has negligible impact on growth, but there are other conditions like a rare genetic disorder- Turner Syndrome, genetics, poor appetite, hypothyroidism, and lack of human growth hormone causing stunting.

The best advice is to fulfill your caloric requirements and maintain a healthy lifestyle for good health.


Don’t have any scientific proof that pre-workout stunts growth.

Different ingredients in a pre-workout have different absorption rates, which also impact growth and development.

On the other hand, there are other factors, like poor nutrition and certain medical conditions, that can cause stunting.

We advise you to seek professional advice before starting with a supplement.

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