Can You Bring Creatine On A Plane?

Can You Bring Creatine On A Plane

Creatine is a pre-workout supplement with notable benefits related to performance and recovery. People often get confused about carrying creatine with them when they are traveling.

To your surprise, you are allowed to bring creatine on a plane. But are there any guidelines for getting creatine on the plane?

By giving the article a read, you can quickly figure out the do’s and don’ts of bringing creatine on the plane.

We’ll guide you about the restrictions and limitations (if any) related to white powder.

Is Creatine Allowed In Hand Carry or Checked Baggage On A Plane?

Carrying creatine on a plane is allowed, but now the question arises if you should take it in hand carry or check-in luggage.

You may have to go through extra security checks and searching when carrying it in hand carry as it is easier to detect.

People often taint creatine with other drugs which are restricted on a plane; that is the main reason creatine is notorious.

If you put creatine in your checked baggage in well-packed form, custom clearance gets easier.

But always make sure that your luggage is within the weight limits of the airline, for longer trips bringing creatine in checked baggage is convenient.

TSA Rules For Creatine On A Plane

TSA Rules For Creatine On A Plane


As explained before, carrying white powder may seem suspicious. People are caught red-handed taking different types of drugs, which is strictly prohibited and considered unlawful.

Even in some cases, they have tried to fake drugs as if it is creatine powder. So, keeping these things under consideration, TSA has made some rules.


TSA has approved bringing creatine on a plane in both powdered and capsule form.

But customs are still a problem as some countries do not allow you to check in if you have white powder. In other cases, the airline has some restrictions on carrying supplements.

If a TSA agent asks you about the contents of the powder, give a satisfactory response. Otherwise, the TSA team will x-ray your luggage or send powder for testing and verification.


Keeping customs aside, TSA has allowed a certain quantity of creatine on the plane. If you exceed the limit, they might get charged for it.

Taking 12 ounces of any powder is allowed by TSA in hand carry, but there’s no limit in packed checked-in bags.

You have to follow the standard weight limits of the airline. The limit is imposed to keep the trade of such products under check.

If you are carrying more than the limit, you’ll surely get in trouble.

How To Store Creatine Safely For Air Travel?

Safe packing of creatine is critical when you are flying. Not having appropriate packing will get your luggage messed up with white powder.

Some tips for packing and storage of creatine are hereby;

1. Scoop Into Individual Resealable Bags

Clear resealable bags are available and convenient to use. You can scoop creatine powder according to your dose and servings.

You can store two to three serving in a single Ziploc. Mark the Ziploc as one, two, three, or with the name of days.

2. Store Them In A Shaker Bottle

Another safe way is to put these resealable bags into your shaker bottle to avoid mess. The Shaker bottle will keep the Ziploc bags intact and neatly packed.

3. Remove Air and Seal The Bags

If some air is left behind in the plastic Ziplocs, there are chances of getting them to burst. Remove all the air with the pressure of your hands before sealing the plastic bag.

In this way, you can even check if any hole is present in the bag that will cause spilling.

4. Pack In A Double Layer of Bags

If there’s any tear or hole in the plastic bag, you will likely lose the product or get your other stuff dirty. To be on the safer side, pack in double layers to avoid spillage.

Can You Bring Premixed Liquid Creatine On A Plane?

can you take creatine on a plane

TSA has restrictions on carrying liquids on the plane. As far as you lie within limits issued by TSA, it is completely fine.

TSA allows 3.4 oz or 100 ml liquid on a flight. Carrying more than that will put you in some trouble. You might have to leave behind the extra premixed creatine at the airport.

These weight limitations are not just creatine, but it implies all other workout supplements.

To keep yourself safe from any mishap or inconvenience, follow the TSA and airline guidelines with whom you are flying.

How Much Creatine Is Allowed To Bring On The Plane?

If you are passionate about increasing your muscle mass and have a trip scheduled, you can carry creatine with you. The supplement is available in different forms like creatine powder, capsules, and premixed drinks.

However, the deciding factor is how safely you have packed your creatine powder. We often get confused that TSA has a restriction on carrying creatine on a plane, which is not valid.

When carrying creatine on a plane, always make sure that you are following the manufacturers’ guidelines as well as the airline’s rules and regulations.

There’s always some weight limit for every airline, whether hand carry or checked-in luggage. Some airlines offer 50 lbs while some offer 30 lbs. Ensure that the total weight of your bag, including creatine powder, is not exceeded.


TSA has no restriction against bringing creatine on a plane. But follow the protocols of quantity and packaging to avoid any trouble and smooth air travel. Both creatine powder and capsules are allowed on a plane.

Packaging of creatine is critical put the powder in double ziplock bags. Before flying, go through the rules and regulations of the airline and country you are checking in to keep yourself safe from getting screened at several checkpoints.

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