7 Best Floor Exercises Sculpt Sexy Slender Thighs

Are you trying to lose fat and burn excess fat in the thighs with safe exercise methods?

Check out these top 7 floor exercises below, which can help tone your calves.

Remember that regular practice also certainly helps you gain certain confidence when stepping on the street.

7 Best Floor Exercises Sculpt Sexy Slender Thighs

1. Simple Leg Lifts

Firstly, you need to tilt your body to the right side. Next, bend your straight arm to support your head and shrink your left leg at an angle of 90 degrees to support the movement.

The main action to remove excess fat from your thighs is lifting and lowering your right leg vertically about 45-degrees. At the same time, you need to keep your torso steady by resting your right hand on your hip.

Performing the main movement should have a slow and stamina of the right thigh calf muscle.

2. Side Leg Raises

First, you need to tilt your whole body to the right 90 degrees, your right hand still bends 90 degrees to support the head, and keep stretching your right leg.

Also, your left-hand needs to support your hips to stabilize your torso. The correction for this exercise is the stretching of the shin.

In the vertical direction, your left leg will be lifted and lowered by a 45-degree angle. Conversely, you must horizontally control your left leg to flex in a 90-degree manner with each lift and fall.

You should note that all operations need good control over speed. If you do the action too quickly, the efficiency of reducing excess fat in the thighs will decrease.

3. Pike Knee-Ins

First, you need to be an integer of the body to the left. Then, use your elbow as support on your torso.

At this step, note that you need to position your elbow outward 90 degrees from the horizontal of the body.

Next, the right leg should rise and bend forward evenly, in rhythm. This is also a good method for the owner for you to start up the first day of your own.

4. Split Leg Lifts

To get started, you need to do the same thing as the previous movement Pike Knee-Ins.

In other words, the ready posture for this is to straighten your legs and lie on your left side, supporting your upper body with your elbow.

You then begin the main movement by lifting your right leg vertically while using your right hand to fix its position.

Finally, perform a lift-down with your left leg vertically.

This is indeed a move that enhances your endurance and works on the thigh muscles a lot. Thereby, you can gradually and effectively reduce the excess fat here.

5. Kneeling Side Leg Raise

First, place your right hand upright and your right knee on the ground to support your body. Note, point your feet back at an angle of 90 degrees from the horizontal of the body.

Next, you need to straighten your left leg and perform a vertical lift-down.

Maintain regular and continuous doing this for 5-10 minutes and switch sides.

This is also an easy move to do but is quite useful for you. Kneeling Side Leg Raise will give you a gentle daily warm-up.

Indeed, there are many ways you can warm up every morning, but the amount of exercise for all body groups like Kneeling Side Leg Raise is not much.

Therefore, you will not have to spend time doing other supplemental activities.

6. Side-Lying Leg Lift

First, lie on your side to the right side, use your right elbow to support your upper body. At the same time, the legs are straightened.

Continue to wrap your left leg forward and prop it upright. Finally, lift and lower your right leg steadily.

In this move, you can work slowly and keep it going for as long as possible. It will help you improve your hind thigh muscles.

7. Fire Hydrant

This move can help you improve mild thigh injuries and keep your pelvis in good shape at all times.

First, you need to put your hands on the floor while kneeling. Then, perform a horizontal lift of the left knee at an angle of 90 degrees, pause in space for a moment, and slowly lower.

You need to repeat this for at least 30 seconds at a steady pace. Time out, switch to the other leg to get a certain balance for both legs.

Please note that this move will not help you lose fat in the concerned areas quickly. You can just do it regularly to burn excess fat bit by bit slowly. In other words, it needs your persistence.


Above are the 7 best floor exercises to sculpt sexy slender thighs that you should know to maintain your practice state simply and effectively.

Of course, you need to choose the methods that are most effective and suitable for your condition. It is absolutely not necessary to practice all of these exercises.

Try to be persistent with these movements, you will soon get worthy results.

7 Best Floor Exercises Sculpt Sexy Slender Thighs

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