7 Benefits of Overhead Press Machine You Shouldn’t Overlook

Benefits Of Overhead Press Machine

Are you seeking to enhance your mobility or on a scheduled weightlifting program?

If so, keeping your upper body muscles conditioned is important and highly recommended. They play an important role in your day-to-day tasks.

While there are many ways to keep the upper body in good shape, the overhead press plays a vital role and should be an integral part of your exercise routine.

The overhead press works several large muscles including deltoids (shoulders), pectorals (chest), trapezius (upper back) and triceps (arms). These are basically targeted when you do overhead press while in a standing position.

Since you require balance when upright, your core muscles are also recruited including lower back and abdominals. That said, what are the proven benefits of using an overhead press machine?

7 Key Benefits of Overhead Press Machine

Overhead Press Machine

There are several benefits associated with the use of an overhead press machine. These include the following:

1. Enhances your core strength

Your core is the base or the foundation for your entire body. When performing some more helpful presses overhead, having a strong core does help.

However, this normally takes some time and can result in a significantly stronger core in addition to bigger shoulders, but with ongoing overload during training.

With time, your workouts will get better and reach a point where you’re no longer experiencing problematic positioning, undue arching, and shaking as you perform the press.

The use of the machine can be helpful in lessening most of these issues considering it’s a better control application for the workout.

2. Helps to build bigger shoulders

The main purpose of implementing a press in your workout is to not only get stronger but also bigger shoulders.

Your shoulders will experience massive changes especially because the prime movers of the press exercise are the anterior and medial deltoids.

Your posterior deltoids will also be worked out. These act as your stabilizers whenever you lift the weights above the head.

This is a significant difference when you compare press with other workouts targeting the upper body strength.

If you want to achieve stronger and larger shoulders, the overhead press will be a must one way or the other.

3. Helps improve lean muscle mass

As we age, our lean muscle mass is inclined to decrease naturally. This decrease in lean muscle mass translates into increased fat which sets in as a replacement for the lost muscle.

Working out can be a great way to correct this situation as it helps improve lean muscle mass in an amazing way.

Overhead press and/or its modifications is one of the many exercises you can incorporate into your workout regime to achieve this goal.

Depending on your level of fitness, you will find different overhead variations to be recommended especially if you’re under an instructor.

If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, a regular overhead press workout will be the first place to get started.

Muscle mass will begin to increase as you start weightlifting and increase faster as you concentrate on good exercise and nutrition.

You should challenge yourself constantly and stay consistent to increase your muscle-building rate. Increasing your weights, reps, and sets could help intensify the overhead press exercise.

4. Enhances your lockout strength

As you extend your elbows fully during the reps, your lockout strength gets trained.

So, your ability to carry through with heavy reps improves and you do not end in an extreme, protracted struggle to scale the bar a few inches.

The lockout strength transmits to your other exercises that engage the elbow workout.

Overhead press machines Workout

5. Superior to bench press

Overhead press machines are one of the surest ways to build bigger chest muscles, shoulders and arms contrary to the false impression that has existed for long.

Many people believed that the bench press was capable of producing these results better but with time, it has been proven that using the overhead press machine can help achieve these results faster and remarkably.

On top of that, your bench press can even be refined and enhanced using an overhead press. The two movements utilize the same muscle set with the angle being the difference.

6. Provides for a complete application

The overhead press is not a reserved for athletes and lifters. Contrary to some common misconceptions, overhead presses can be implemented in real life for improved core and strength.

Although it all boils down to being in good form, you can strengthen your erectors, obliques and deep core muscles among others with the help of an overhead press machine.

The machine facilitates a comprehensive workout that’s proven to benefit different areas as well as enhance the carrying out of various workouts.

7. Works out your entire upper body

If you’re starting on your workouts or have an average build, the use of the machine can be very helpful especially in working your entire upper body.

Also, if you have used a barbell at any given time, the results you experienced can be achieved with the help of the machine as you work out progressively.

The overhead press is designed to focus on wide-ranging muscles in the upper body which is a great benefit when compared with other exercises such as shoulder press.

Compared to the shoulder presses, the overhead press is more complete especially because it focuses on not only the triceps and deltoids but also the upper back and pectoral muscles as well.


With proper execution, the overhead press can help achieve great results considering it’s a compound lift.

It’s also a simple exercise that you can carry out with the help of dumbbells and barbell but the use of a machine does really help balance things out and greatly work on your shoulders.

The machine is more preferred due to its ease and structure, which you’ll find to be ideal especially if you’re interested in multifaceted exercises and comprehensive upper body workout.

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